May I apply for multiple forms of W&J funding?

May 21, 2021 | Tagged: | Category: Academics

We encourage you to apply for the funding that is most appropriate for the project that you are pursuing. If you are pursuing an internship that is related to your career goals, you should apply for the Franklin Internship Award. If you are doing research in the sciences, you should pursue funding through the Merck Internship. For more information on the Merck Internship, please contact Dr. Candy DeBerry. If you are doing research in environmental studies, you should pursue funding through the Environmental Studies grant. The Geary (freshmen), Walker (sophomore), and Kelso (junior) Magellan Awards are the most general of the W&J forms of funding, able to cover the broadest number of applications (internships, travel, or research). The central requirement is that there be an independent project as part of the experience.

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