My project was in a non-English modern language. Do I have to translate the whole thing for the Collegiate Review?

May 24, 2021 | Tagged: | Category: Academics

No, you do not have to translate the whole document. What you must do is provide the Collegiate Review Committee with a Comprehensive Summary in English that might exceed the 750-word stated limit. This summary of your project will help prepare the committee members. As a courtesy you might offer to discuss the project briefly with them prior to the presentation in case they have questions. If possible you might try to select committee members with some familiarity with the language your project is written in so that they have the option of trying to read the project if they want to. In addition, the presentation for the Collegiate Review, unlike that of the Honors Review, should be done in English. You should explain this to the Collegiate Review committee members when you ask them whether they will serve on your committee.

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