There are so many options for applying – how do I choose between Early and Regular Decision?

May 20, 2021 | Tagged: | Category: International

If you are certain that W&J is the school you will attend if you are admitted, you should consider applying Early Decision. You will receive notification shortly after the deadline, provided that you have submitted a complete application and all supporting credentials. Early Decision is a binding agreement. So if you are accepted to W&J, you must withdraw all of your other applications and enroll at W&J. We recognize every student has unique circumstances that play a factor in their final college decision and desire to go about their college search journey at their own pace. We believe you will thrive at W&J, but please choose what’s best for you.

The deadlines and notification dates are:

Early Decision (binding) Application Deadline: December 15th 
Regular Decision (non-binding) Application Deadline: April 1st

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