What do you mean by the question “what makes your project worthy of honors?”

May 24, 2021 | Tagged: | Category: Academics

The definition of Honors in an Area of Study at W&J indicates that “honors represents not the outstanding accomplishment of a relatively straight forward task, but the successful completion of a difficult challenge of some importance. ” How will your project take on a “challenge of some importance?” What differentiates your project from a research paper for a course or an independent study project? If you are basing your honors work on a previously completed project, you need to indicate what you are doing to make this much more than an exercise in revising a paper. Generally, this involves indicating what new research you will be doing and in what ways you will be expanding upon your initial paper. The ASC realizes that it is not always easy to articulate what makes a project worthy of honors. However, the committee asks the question because we feel that considering it gives students a fuller appreciation of what they are planning to undertake and what they will have accomplished when they are done. It is also a question that is often asked of students at the Collegiate Review at the end of projects, so you may want to continue to reflect on it as you work on your project.

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