What format should my final report have?

May 24, 2021 | Tagged: | Category: Academics

Each area of study has its own standards and guidelines for honors projects, but most require some kind of written report as part of the project. The final written document must have a title page (please see the title page template form found under “Forms and Resources”). The form of the final project should be appropriate to the field. For example, if your area of study does not usually have an abstract on papers, then the final project does not need to have one. However, it can be helpful to provide people with a brief summary or overview of the project even if it is done as a separate document. For projects in the sciences where the length of abstracts is often constrained, it can be helpful to provide people with a longer and less technical version of an abstract to help orient readers from outside the area of study. It is also helpful to have a table of contents for the report, even if the area of study does not require it.

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