What will on-campus housing accommodations be for Fall 2020?

August 18, 2020 | Tagged: , | Category: Coronavirus

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the College is modifying housing operations for the Fall 2020 semester. All students, with the exception of approved commuters, will be classified as remote learners unless approved for housing by the Office of Residence Life. Approved students will be assigned rooms by the Office of Residence Life. All housing will be in single rooms with a maximum of four (4) students sharing a bathroom area. Students will be tested with a PCR test upon arrival and required to quarantine upon arrival for 10 days in their room.

To qualify for housing, students must complete a petition they received via email in its entirety and it must be approved by the Office of Residence Life. Dates and times will be set by Residence Life to stagger students coming to campus to move into the residence halls. This information will be sent to every student’s W&J email account. If you have any questions, please email reslife@washjeff.edu.

This modified housing model is for the Fall 2020 semester only. At this time, the College plans to resume normal operations and be fully residential in the Spring. For the Spring, students would move to their originally assigned rooms. Pending new developments in the COVID-19 outbreak, this is subject to change.

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