Why is W&J revising its published tuition price?

August 24, 2022 | Tagged: | Category: New Day

We have developed a simplified pricing model to better reflect what W&J students actually pay for tuition before scholarships and other forms of financial aid are applied to further reduce their cost of attendance. This will make W&J’s affordability readily apparent to prospective students and their families who are now more cost conscious than ever when considering higher education institutions. Research recently commissioned by W&J found that a high percentage of prospective students and parents chose not to consider the College solely because our published price looked unaffordable.

W&J provides generous financial aid and scholarships based on student need and merit thanks largely to the support of our alumni and friends who invest generously in our students’ education. The revised tuition price narrows the gap between the “top-line” published price and the “bottom-line” net price. Our goal is to eliminate confusion for families considering W&J.

What's Next?

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