Quick Quarantine Questions with Res Life

Created: August 28, 2020
Last Updated: August 28, 2020



We have received several questions about the parameters of the quarantine period. Below are reminders to outline the 10-day quarantine process:
What you are NOT permitted to do:
  • Be in the same room or common area as your suitemates/floormates
  • This also goes for those in Bica-Ross & New Residence Hall suites as well as Chestnut St. houses – students should stay in their rooms and not use their suite or floor common rooms until after quarantine has ended
  • Open your door to have a conversation with your suitemates/floormates (even if you are still physically in your room)
  • Host a guest in your room
  • Access the laundry room/study spaces
  • Leave your assigned building for any reason (i.e. no campus walks, no utilizing the gym, no taking trips to the store, etc.)
What you ARE permitted to do:
  • Meet with your suitemates/floormates virtually (i.e. Microsoft TEAMS, Zoom, etc.)
  • Walk to the kitchen/lobby area of your residential building to fill up water bottles, warm up food up in the microwave, pick up a package, or receive meals that will be dropped off to the lobbies of your residence hall (in which you must wear a mask anytime you leave your room and promptly return to your room after pick-up)
  • Have friends/family drop off groceries or forgotten belongings to the entrance of your residential building – items should be dropped and contact should not be made with the person dropping items off.
  • Utilize DoorDash, GrubHub, or other food delivery services to deliver food to the entrance of your residential building
Due to W&J’s commitment to the health & safety of its community, everyone must follow all policies and procedures closely to achieve our goal of a “COVID free” campus. To remain in campus housing, all students MUST sign the Pledge to hold themselves and others in the community accountable. Failure to comply with the quarantine protocol could consequent in removal of campus housing without reimbursement of any kind.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to reslife@washjeff.edu.

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