Recent Grad Success: Darious Singleton ’18 earns prestigious internship at Duquesne Law

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WASHINGTON, PA (June 24, 2019)—When Darious Singleton ’18 first came to Washington & Jefferson College (W&J), he’d set his mind on medical school. So how did he become a thriving J.D. candidate at Duquesne University’s School of Law instead?

Professors who helped him pivot between W&J’s programs and explore his interests – all without losing time – set him on a path to success.

“When I got to W&J, I wanted to do medicine. I was pre-med, but my heart wasn’t in it,” Darious said. “I ended up being a communication arts major and found my passion there.”

Darious found support and encouragement from professors in both communication arts and the pre-law program, who helped him craft a course plan he was happy with. As graduation neared, he decided he would work as a paralegal for a year or two and bolster his law school application, not to mention adding some more time to study for the LSAT.

But Professor Joseph DiSarro, chair of W&J’s political science department, didn’t want Darious to put his potential on hold. He had another idea.

“He asked if I’d considered law school. I said yes, but down the road,” Darious said. “He told me, ‘There’s a test in February. If you want to take it, I’ll pay for it.’”

Darious couldn’t pass up the opportunity, but it only gave him a few months to study for the LSAT. With support from his professors, he prepared well and received a competitive score that – along with his impressive undergraduate work – earned him a spot at Duquesne.

Now a stand-out law student, Darious holds two internships, one with Highmark’s corporate offices, and the other with former Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Maureen Lally-Green. Lally Green is currently Dean of Students at Duquesne University School of Law, and the internship Darious earned is highly sought after, with only one student from Duquesne’s School of Law chosen for it each year. His work there includes studying the U.S. Supreme Court and the changing landscape of law in America.

To top off his momentous year since his W&J graduation, Darious returned to his hometown of Houston, Texas, to deliver the commencement speech at his YES Prep high school.

“A lot of what makes you a good law student is your ability to communicate, whether that be in the classroom, on an exam, or at a networking event. I think W&J prepared me for that,” he said. “Not only that, but it got me used to working hard. At law school, there are no short cuts, and it was the same at W&J. You have to buckle down and get it done. W&J taught me that.”

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