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Created: August 24, 2020
Last Updated: August 24, 2020


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W&J Community,

On Aug. 26, the department of Campus and Public Safety is launching a new registration system that will allow us to provide for both our on-campus community and our visitors. We plan to continue using this form beyond the fall semester to help us ensure the safety of all on campus.

If your department is hosting a visitor, vendor, or contractor, please have the guest fill out this form to share the details of their visit with us prior to their arrival on campus. With this information, CPS will be able to secure higher trafficked areas and make sure that safety protocols are being observed during the guest’s visit to campus. If your guest is unable to complete the form before their visit, they will have the opportunity to do so using one of our guest registration iPads placed in different offices throughout campus. Please remind your guest to have their registration confirmation email handy when they come to campus as this will be needed for them to check-in with CPS.

For the fall semester, we are also asking all visitors to complete their own Pledge to Promote Safety to abide by our campus guidelines. Visitors will receive a link to this pledge in their confirmation email, but you may also share this with your guests when you invite them to complete their registration.

We invite you to take a look at the registration form during this pre-launch phase and test out its features as well as view the different confirmation responses various guests will receive. We welcome any feedback or questions you may have prior to our Aug. 26 launch.

Please note during this fall, students are not permitted to have guests. Only guests whose work is deemed essential will be permitted on campus during the active pandemic. As we receive more updates from our state and local leaders as well as scientists and medical professionals, we will update our guest policies and make you aware of those updates.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of this form or our guest policies, please contact

Stay Safe,

Jonathan Miles
Director of Campus and Public Safety

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