Safety Reminders for Masking and Social Distancing in the Classroom

Created: September 14, 2020
Last Updated: September 15, 2020



Dear W&J Community,

To clarify what is expected in our classrooms, this updated policy is meant to make the expectation of proper mask wearing in the classroom clear. This is solely based upon what is outlined in the Pledge to Promote Safety, signed by all community members at W&J.

To ensure mitigating risk of exposure, the expectation is that students, faculty, and staff will wear their masks in such a way that their mouths and nose are covered by a mask at all times while in a classroom. Therefore, eating and drinking is not permitted in the classroom at this time. If an individual needs to take a drink, they should excuse themselves or seek permission to step out of the classroom to do so.

Faculty members will remind students of this policy should their masks unintentionally move in such a way that exposes their nose and/or mouth. If a student refuses to comply with the policy they may be asked to leave the class meeting. Repeated violations may result in grade consequences and may also be referred to the Office of Community Standards for disciplinary follow up. If a student wishes to report a faculty or staff member who is not abiding by these rules, they should contact the Academic Affairs Office.

Thank you,
Office of Academic Affairs

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