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Senior Send-Off: Mechin Flowers

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WASHINGTON, PA (June 5, 2020)–Though our Commencement festivities have been postponed, we’re still excitedly celebrating the Class of 2020 and all of their accomplishments. As they prepare for their next steps following Washington & Jefferson College, several members of the Class of 2020 are sharing their plans with us.

Check out Mechin Flower’s video message, and a transcription of her message below.

Hi, my name is Mechin Flowers and I am part of W&J’s graduating class of 2020. I will be graduating with a degree in biology. My future plans are to attend Duquesne University for their accelerated BSN/RN program 

The question I was asked was how has W&J prepared me for this step. Well, W&J has prepared me in more ways than one; not just academically, but in life in general. The staff at W&J is like no other. I’ve never had a professor that hasn’t genuinely cared about my future or well-being. The biology department has been a support system within itself, and to give an honorable mention to one professor in general is Dr. Contreras. He has been my mentor and advisor since my freshman year, and he has made me the student I am today. I do not know where I’d be without him.  

Another question I was asked is what will you miss most about W&J? Well, this was a hard one because there are so many things I have learned to love about W&J, whether it was my sorority or the classes and professors, but honestly the thing I will miss most is having all my friends in one place. I have met my friends for life at W&J, and it’s crazy to think we’re all pursuing different career options and educational things, and it’s all around the United States! I’m sad, but for these friendships I will forever be grateful to W&J 

It’s been one heck of a ride here at W&J, and I’m sad we had to end it like this, but…we did it, Class of 2020! 

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