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We're revising the published tuition price to more clearly reflect the actual amount students and their families now pay for tuition at W&J.

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For the 2023-24 academic year, our published tuition price will be $27,605, a 44.4 percent reduction.

The traditional tuition pricing model in higher education has long been unnecessarily complicated for students and families seeking to determine the actual cost of a college education. Today's families are more cost conscious than ever and wish to easily understand the true value an institution can offer them. W&J's new model simplifies this process by providing a realistic up-front price as a starting point for awarding any additional scholarships and grants based on students' individual need and merit.

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We are proud that all W&J students currently pay less in tuition than the newly published tuition price thanks in large measure to generous financial aid made possible by the support of thousands of alumni and friends who invest in their education. Thus, the amount they pay for tuition will not be affected by this change. We are especially pleased to announce that for the second consecutive year, there will be no increase in tuition for our current students.

W&J has long ensured that students pay only a portion of the cost of their education, but this commitment to affordability has not been readily apparent to those relying on public information sources. Our Board of Trustees chose to revise our published tuition price to more clearly convey that W&J offers an education of the highest quality at a price families can afford.

This combination of exceptional quality and affordability, for which U.S. News & World Report ranks W&J among the nation's "Best Value" colleges, is a reason our incoming fall class is our largest in the last five years. W&J is committed to continuously enhancing the student experience, most recently by adding 19 new areas of study, a campus-wide program in ethical leadership, and a new Center for Professional Pathways to provide four years of preparation for success after graduation.

By simplifying our pricing model, W&J continues its longstanding role as a leader in higher education.

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