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We're revising the published tuition price to more clearly reflect the actual amount students and their families now pay for tuition at W&J.

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For the 2023-24 academic year, our published tuition price will be $27,605, a 44.4 percent reduction.

The traditional tuition pricing model in higher education has long been unnecessarily complicated for students and families seeking to determine the actual cost of a college education. Today's families are more cost conscious than ever and wish to easily understand the true value an institution can offer them. W&J's new model simplifies this process by providing a realistic up-front price as a starting point for awarding any additional scholarships and grants based on students' individual need and merit.

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We are proud that all W&J students currently pay less in tuition than the newly published tuition price thanks in large measure to generous financial aid made possible by the support of thousands of alumni and friends who invest in their education. Thus, the amount they pay for tuition will not be affected by this change. We are especially pleased to announce that for the second consecutive year, there will be no increase in tuition for our current students.

W&J has long ensured that students pay only a portion of the cost of their education, but this commitment to affordability has not been readily apparent to those relying on public information sources. Our Board of Trustees chose to revise our published tuition price to more clearly convey that W&J offers an education of the highest quality at a price families can afford.

This combination of exceptional quality and affordability, for which U.S. News & World Report ranks W&J among the nation's "Best Value" colleges, is a reason our incoming fall class is our largest in the last five years. W&J is committed to continuously enhancing the student experience, most recently by adding 19 new areas of study, a campus-wide program in ethical leadership, and a new Center for Professional Pathways to provide four years of preparation for success after graduation.

By simplifying our pricing model, W&J continues its longstanding role as a leader in higher education.

Questions about Simplified Tuition

We're here to answer your questions about simplified tuition at W&J. If you still have unanswered questions, please see our contact form below the FAQs.

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Why is W&J revising its published tuition price?

We have developed a simplified pricing model to better reflect what W&J students actually pay for tuition before scholarships and other forms of financial aid are applied to further reduce their cost of attendance. This will make W&J’s affordability readily apparent to prospective students and their families who are now more cost conscious than ever when considering higher education institutions. Research recently commissioned by W&J found that a high percentage of prospective students and parents chose not to consider the College solely because our published price looked unaffordable.

W&J provides generous financial aid and scholarships based on student need and merit thanks largely to the support of our alumni and friends who invest generously in our students’ education. The revised tuition price narrows the gap between the “top-line” published price and the “bottom-line” net price. Our goal is to eliminate confusion for families considering W&J.

What is the new tuition price and when will it go into effect?

Beginning in Fall 2023, the published price for annual tuition will be $27,605.

Will W&J students still receive financial aid?

Yes. Students will still receive scholarships, merit and/or need-based aid, but the amounts will be scaled downward relative to the new pricing structure. After all, less financial aid will be needed than in the past when the published price was substantially higher. Our current students’ bottom-line tuition payment for the 2023-24 academic year will be the same as it currently is as a result of two consecutive years of zero tuition increases.

In addition, W&J’s policy on outside scholarships remains the same. In most cases, outside scholarships secured by the student reduces the family’s tuition balance rather than reducing scholarships and aid offered by the College.

How was the new tuition cost determined?

The new tuition price was informed by a comprehensive market study conducted for W&J by a leading research firm in higher education, as well as a net-price analysis of current students’ tuition. Based on the findings, W&J’s Board of Trustees approved the 44.4% reduction of the College’s current published price.

Does the tuition change have any impact on room and board charges?

No. The pricing structure for room and board will remain the same, as these are based on costs incurred by the college for utilities, food, and other related expenses. We are pleased that the College has a successful track record of controlling the pricing of auxiliary costs and fees by carefully managing expenses. Historically, increases in room and board charges have ranged from 2 to 4 percent.

How is W&J able to reduce tuition and still operate as it always has?

The new price will not impact overall tuition revenue, as it reflects the amount students already pay for their education. By updating our advertised tuition price to $27,605, we are sending the message to families that a high-quality W&J education is within their reach. W&J’s enrollment is growing at a time when many colleges are experiencing a decline. Our endowment is among the largest in our region and we are fortunate that thousands of generous alumni continue to support today’s students.

Why were no students currently paying the full published price?

W&J has a long-held commitment to recruiting students of academic excellence regardless of background and income level. Currently, our average financial aid package, which includes scholarships, grants, financial aid, and student work opportunities, allows W&J to be affordable for deserving students from all walks of life. We have a strong alumni base that helps us make financial resources available to our students and ensures that they pay only a portion of the cost of their education.

We are revising the published tuition price to more closely reflect the net price that students currently pay after scholarships and financial aid are applied – providing clarity and simplicity to a previously complex pricing model.

Will the tuition revision affect perceptions of the College’s quality and reputation?

Today’s students and families understand that an advertised tuition price is not an indicator of quality or prestige. They are seeking the best value for their money. W&J’s new tuition model highlights this, namely high quality at an affordable price. By simplifying tuition pricing, we are underscoring our reputation as the best value in our region. The prestige of a W&J education is based on consistently delivering an education of unsurpassed quality for 241 years. Our reputation is built on the remarkable success of our alumni who excel as leaders in every field of endeavor.

Does the tuition revision impact what type of student W&J will try to recruit?

W&J’s tuition revision was designed to simplify pricing for families and students considering W&J, and our vision of educating future leaders remains unchanged. We will continue to provide outstanding value to deserving students and their families of all backgrounds and income levels.

Will W&J raise tuition in the future?

Because of this tuition revision, there will be no increase for the 2023-24 academic year. We will, of course, review operating costs annually and make minor adjustments as necessary over time. Historically, tuition increases have ranged from 0 to 4 percent, most recently a 1.75 percent increase for the 2020-21 year.

How will the revision impact current students?

We are proud that all W&J students currently pay less in tuition than the newly published tuition price, thanks to generous financial aid made possible by the support of thousands of alumni and friends who invest in their education. Thus, the amount they pay for tuition will not be affected by this change. We are especially pleased to announce that for the second consecutive year, there will be no increase in tuition for our current students.

Will work-study eligibility be affected by this change?

No, students who hold federal work-study and other on-campus jobs will continue to have the opportunity to work.

Will the change in tuition affect my eligibility for federal and/or state grant funds?

No, eligibility for federal grants and state grants is based on a family’s income and assets as reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Federal student loans are available to all students who file the FAFSA.

Will new students starting in Fall 2023 pay less than current students as a result of the newly published tuition price?

No. The average net tuition for all students will remain the same, but everyone will require less financial aid than in the past due to the lower published tuition price. W&J will continue to make the cost of attendance affordable for all students.

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