Spring 2020: Electing P Or Withdrawing From a Course

Created: April 15, 2020
Last Updated: April 15, 2020



Dear Students,
If you are considering electing a Pass (P) in or withdrawing (W) from a Spring 2020 course, you may find the information below to be helpful in your conversations with your academic advisor.
With best wishes for a successful semester,
Dr. Tara Fee
Chair, Academic Status Committee

Spring 2020: Electing P Or Withdrawing From a Course

The information below is intended to aid students who are considering whether to elect Pass grading (P) or withdraw (W) from a course for Spring 2020.
All students should exercise caution when converting grades in areas of study they wish to pursue further, especially if they plan to pursue related graduate training or professional opportunities.
Students may elect one P or W in Spring 2020 and remain eligible for the Dean’s List and for Alpha/Beta Scholar status.
Generally, eligibility for W&J, state, and federal financial aid will not be affected by the election of P because grades of P are not calculated into the GPA. Federal aid, including military educational benefits for veterans, will also be unaffected by the election of a grade of P. We expect that ROTC scholarships will follow the same rules, but ROTC students should confirm as information is released by program administrators.
Withdrawals may affect financial aid eligibility. While grades of W are not calculated into the GPA, withdrawals do count against Satisfactory Academic Progress. To maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and continue to qualify for W&J, state, and federal aid, students must have passed 75% of the total courses they have registered for throughout their time at W&J. All courses in which a student has enrolled (except those dropped during the add/drop period), including courses from which a student has withdrawn (W) and courses with grades of F and U, are included in this calculation.
Veterans’ benefits may also be affected by withdrawals; the VA does not typically remunerate for courses from which a student has withdrawn, but is currently extending flexibility for withdrawals attributed to the pandemic.
Withdrawals can result in changes to visa status. F-1 visa-holding students must remain enrolled in a full-time courseload (three academic courses) to ensure the validity of their visa and their legal status within the U.S.
Some exchange partners require letter grades, while others will accept grades of P. Exchange students should confirm their institutions’ instructions with Dana Poole.
Withdrawals may affect eligibility, but grades of P will not affect eligiblity. The NCAA does not require letter grades for student-athletes to maintain eligibility for sports; as always, students must remain enrolled full-time and in good academic standing (not on Academic Probation) in order to remain eligible to play.

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