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Campus and Public Safety - students walking together on campus


The Department of Campus & Public Safety at Washington & Jefferson College is committed to maintaining the safest possible environment for all W&J students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the College community.

Located on first floor of Old Main, the Campus and Public Safety Office is open 24 hours daily, seven days a week. Members of the 17-person staff, include sworn police officers supplemented by security officers who are focused on security, general safety and fire safety, and who are devoted to the safety of W&J's campus. The officers are empowered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to enforce laws, make arrests, and prosecute violators on property owned or controlled by the College and on adjacent streets and properties.

View the Campus & Public Safety Mission Statement and Values, and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

In addition to regular patrols of campus, the Campus & Public Safety staff, working with the campus Safety Committee, have implemented the following:

  • 24-hour card-only access to all residential buildings
  • Emergency call boxes in easily accessible locations across campus
  • A 24/7 escort system
  • Security cameras
  • Well-maintained exterior lighting around all campus buildings and additional street and sidewalk lighting
  • Low-cut shrubs and hedges
  • Support personnel who work with W&J Security Officers to maintain and inspect the safety of all facilities

Campus & Public Safety is committed to open and transparent communication with campus and publishes an Annual Security Report each fall with statistics from the prior three years.

CPS Escort Service

Campus and Public Safety Officers may provide vehicular or walking escorts to students, staff, and faculty when practical to do so.  Escorts will be provided if they meet the general guidelines indicated below, if/or whenever Officers are available.

The escort service is designed to enhance your safety on campus.  For example, if you find yourself walking alone and feel uncomfortable about it.  The primary goal is to enable you to travel from point to point on campus with a greater sense of security.  The escort service is intended to be a walking service, but exceptions can include if crutches are needed, you are in a medical boot or have a leg cast, or you are in a wheelchair.

Off campus medical escorts are provided by Campus and Public Safety Officers within five miles of the main campus for non-life-threating medical conditions.  Such escorts may be provided for doctor’s office appointments, emergency room visits, Med-Express, hospital visits for testing, and trips to a pharmacy.  Please schedule escorts for these types of appointments in advance.

If you are within five miles of the main campus and feel unsafe, an Officer may be dispatched to assist you with transportation back to campus, so long as an Officer is available.  If you are off campus and are in danger or have an emergency you should call 911.

Safety escorts are not meant to meet an individual’s routine transportation needs, be a ride program during inclement weather, for rides to restaurants and bars, to travel to and from sports practices and games, to go to shopping locations, or to off campus jobs.  Groups of three or more people going to the same location on campus will be offered a walking escort.

To request an escort, please contact Campus and Public Safety by calling (724) 223-6032 or sending a text to (724) 255-3968, 24 hours a day.

Contact Information

Old Main, First Floor
W&J College
60 South Lincoln St.
Washington, PA 15301

724-223-6032 or ext. 6032
Text CPS: 724-255-3968

Security Reports