Parking and Transportation

W&J provides free parking to all students actively attending as well as all Faculty and Staff members of the College. While providing this service at no cost to students, staff, or faculty is a unique opportunity for the members of our community, it does require each member to abide by policies set forth in order to preserve the different needs of all members of the community. Parking permits, as described in this policy, not only provide direction to individuals of where to park, but also help W&J identify who is part of this community. This helps to provide a safer campus for our community members. Individuals who violate the parking policies can expect to receive a ticket. Ticketing on campus is done consistently and objectively.

The opportunity for students to park free of charge at W&J is a privilege and for that reason this privilege can be suspended or removed at any time if a student is found to be abusing, violating, neglecting or otherwise manipulating these policies in any way. A summary of the College's parking policies is below. All those who park on campus are expected to review the full parking policy, available here (PDF). Parking policies at W&J are enforced by the Department of Campus & Public Safety. Please note that the City of Washington and the State Police can issue tickets on city and state streets which run through campus. If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact the Department of Campus & Public Safety.


Parking Permit Sticker

Parking permits (stickers) are required and obtained through the Department of Campus & Public Safety. Students may register one car on campus per academic year, at no charge. Students will have the opportunity to register their car on campus prior to moving in during the fall semester each year. Otherwise, students must contact Campus and Public Safety to register their car on campus. Students may not register or obtain a permit for another student.

Beginning in the academic year 2018-2019, W&J parking permits will consist of stickers issued annually. These stickers must be placed on the outside, lower left-hand-side, of the rear windshield of the registered vehicle (as illustrated below). Students are required to park “head first” or so that the sticker is facing the inside of the parking lot.

Parking Permit on a Vehicle

Permits are provided to students based on the appropriate parking lots they are assigned. Students who park in lots that are not associated with the permit sticker they have been assigned will be ticketed and found in violation of the W&J parking policy.

Exchanging permits between cars or other students is not permitted. Each permit will be associated with the registered car that it was issued for. If a permit is found to be on a car that has not been registered on campus, the student who was issued that permit as well as the owner of the car who had the permit displayed, will be in violation of the parking policy on campus.

If a student is requesting a new permit or needs to exchange an existing permit, they must go to the Department of Campus & Public Safety. Depending on the students need or request Students may be required to show proof of new car purchase, turn in an existing permit, or provide updated car information. Additional or new permits will cost $100 per permit to be paid by the student.

Upon request, Campus & Public Safety can issue students temporary permits. Students are strongly encouraged to contact Campus & Public Safety if they are in need of special parking or permit accommodations. It is at the sole discretion of the Department of Campus & Public Safety to issue students temporary permits. Examples of temporary permit needs: a student has been injured and needs appropriate parking accommodations or a registered car is temporarily out of commission or broken down.

What's Next?

Fill out a parking permit application

Parking Locations and Regulations

Parking lots on campus are color-coded, signage at each lot will contain a color notation. These colors will be associated with the color of the parking permit that has been issued to student, staff and faculty. Parking in these locations is only permitted by individuals who have been issued the corresponding colored permits. Parking lots will be identified based on the following:

Blue Lots - Upperclass Students

Upperclass students can park in the College Street, Grant Street, Lincoln Street, Theme Houses, Tech Center, Wade and Whitworth lots.

Green Lots - First Year Students

First Year students can park in either section of the Grant Street lot.

Yellow Lot - Commuter Students

Commuter students can park in the Church of the Covenant lot. On weekends and some evenings, when the church lot is closed for events, students can park in any of the purple lots or the Grant Street lot.

Red Lots - Faculty & Staff

Red lots are reserved for faculty and staff. These include Burnett, Campus Center, Chestnut St., Church of the Covenant, Dieter-Porter, Grant Street, Henry Gym, Library 1, Library 2, Olin, Tech Center (spaces marked against building), and Wade lots.

Orange Lots - Visitors

Visitors to campus are welcome to park in any lots marked with orange signage. Admissions, Burnett, Chestnut Street, Grant Street, Olin, and Wade

Purple Lots - Student Night & Weekend Parking

Students will be permitted to park in the Library 1, Library 2 and Chestnut Street Staff and Faculty lots between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am on weekdays and anytime on the weekends. Students who do not move their cars from these lots before 7 am on Monday – Friday, will be subject to ticketing.

Black Lots/Spaces - Reserved Parking

Any lots or spaces that are marked with black signs are reserved spaces. No one may park in these spaces except those who the space is reserved for.

What's Next?

Download a Campus Map to locate the parking lots around campus.

Parking Enforcement

Campus & Public Safety actively monitor all lots and parking accommodations on campus daily. Tickets are issued to individuals who are found to be violating any parking policy on campus. These tickets will be placed on an individual’s front windshield. Please review the College Parking Policy (PDF), for more information on parking rules, violations, and fine amounts.

Parking Ticket Appeal

An individual who wishes to appeal a ticket is encouraged to provide narrative, photographic evidence or other information that supports that individual’s claim that the ticket was unwarranted.

The appeals are read and determined by the Parking Ticket Appeals Committee. This committee is composed of students, staff and/or faculty members of W&J. Upon receipt of an appeal, this committee reviews and votes whether to deny or uphold an appeal. Once a conclusion is determined, the individual will be notified in writing of the Parking Ticket Appeal Committee’s decision.

If an appeal is upheld, that ticket will be removed and will not be considered an offense. If the appeal is denied, that individual will be responsible for payment of the ticket. All appealed decisions are final.

Parking Ticket Appeal Form


Washington & Jefferson College assumes no liability or responsibility for damage to any vehicle parked in a College parking lot (leased or owned) or any vehicle parked on the grounds.

Individuals who park on College grounds are responsible for ensuring they take proper safety precautions such as locking doors and parking in identified lots and spaces to reduce risks of vandalism, theft or damage.

If an individual finds that their vehicle has been subject to vandalism, theft, or damage they should report it immediately to Campus & Public Safety.


Several types of security devices and procedures help to provide for the safety of parking patrons.

Emergency telephones are installed in or immediately adjacent to each lot. Security personnel monitor, on foot, all parking lots. Most lots are monitored via security camera. Security officers make scheduled rounds of these parking areas and upon request will escort patrons to or from their vehicles.

Tips to Prevent Theft

Theft is often a crime of opportunity and parking lots are often targeted by thieves. It takes seconds to go through an unlocked car.

  • Do not leave car keys or keys to your house or room inside your car
  • Lock car doors
  • Keep car windows up
  • Do not leave valuables inside your car
  • Conceal items of value or lock them in the trunk
  • Consider parking in well lit areas or under lights
  • Activate your car alarm or anti-theft system