The personal safety and health of the campus community is of primary importance to the Department of Campus & Public Safety, as well as to faculty, staff, and other members of the campus community.

The College holds that safety and health must be a part of every operation and the responsibility of everyone, and is committed to providing the mechanical and physical facilities along with the training required for the health and safety of every student and employee.

The W&J Safety Committee conducts regular “walk-throughs” of facilities to inspect for hazards and also reviews policy concerning fire and safety hazards. Safety Committee minutes can be reviewed in the Department of Campus & Public Safety. It is the mission of the W&J Safety Committee to provide recommendations and guidelines for a safe workplace and academic environment for the college and community.

Please note: If you have any safety issues or concerns, or if you observe any conditions that warrant attention, please email or contact the Department of Campus & Public Safety at 724-223-6032.