The college will work to offer reasonable remedies and accommodations to survivors, while respecting the rights of all parties involved. Whenever possible, the burden will not fall on the survivor.

Assistance and Accommodations

You can ask the college to take steps for your safety and security, and to help minimize the effects on your academic performance.

Campus Escort

Campus & Public Safety can arrange for an escort to accompany you to and from class and other activities.

Classes and Coursework

If you share a class with the attacker, the VP of Student Life and Dean of Students may be able to help one of you switch sections or courses. You may also discuss withdrawal from a class. Your adviser can help you get additional tutoring and other academic support, and the Dean of Students office or Student Health and Counseling can send a message to your faculty to alert them that you may be experiencing difficulty. (You will be responsible for asking about making up any missed work). You may be eligible to take incompletes in one or more classes. A Medical Leave of Absence may also be an option for you.

Counseling and Medical Care

Contact the Student Health and Counseling Center for information and services available to you.


Residence Life can help your secure temporary emergency housing and can work with you on more permanent housing options, should that be desired.

No-Contact Orders

A no-contact order (issued by Student Life or Campus & Public Safety) prohibits the perpetrator from contacting you in a specific way if they are a W&J community member.

Reporting Assistance

Any college faculty, staff member or Resident Assistant can help you report an on campus assault. If you want help reporting to police, getting a forensic examination, or accessing other resources, the Title IX Coordinator, a Title IX Deputy Coordinator, a member of the Administrator on Call Team and/or the Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students can assist you.

Work Scheduling

The Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students and/or the Title IX Coordinator can work with campus employers to minimize the possibility that you and perpetrator with interact.