The college will conduct impartial and thorough investigations of allegations of potential Title IX and College-Wide Policy Against Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and Other Forms of Sexual Violence, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking violations and will objectively adjudicate disciplinary proceedings. A report may be made with the Washington City Police by the complainant or by the college if the alleged violation of the policy may also involve criminal behavior.

Title IX Investigation

Reports of sexual misconduct are made to the Title IX Coordinator or designee. The results of a Title IX investigation are a finding of fact and a determination of whether or not there was a Title IX violation. Because the findings may become part of any future disciplinary proceedings and may be subpoenaed, the respondent may wish to seek legal counsel. Please see the policy for more information about the process.


The federal government requires colleagues to offer remedies and accommodations to anyone reporting a Title IX violation or filing a case who present a violation policy, even before the investigation is concluded. These may include no-contact orders and changes in classes and housing, or work assignments. W&J will work to diffuse the impact of any requested accommodations on both the complainant and the respondent, but it is required to minimize the burden on the complainant.

Student Respondents

In the event that an investigation yields additional infractions of the Student Code of Conduct, a student respondent may be referred to the Director of Community Standards and Support Services. Please see the Student Code of Conduct section in the Student Handbook for more information.

Faculty and Staff Respondents

Complaints are received by the Title IX Coordinator and are investigated as per the policy.