Individual students and student organizations can register to host events that include small outdoor fires. The College provides fire pits and fire extinguishers for this purpose. Only outdoor fires using fire pits and fire extinguishers provided by the College are permitted.

Campus and Public Safety issues permits for outdoor fires. Applications to have an outdoor fire must be made in person at Campus and Public Safety. Fires are permitted between the hours of 5:00 pm and 12:00 am.

Approval for outdoor fires is at the discretion of the Campus and Public Safety shift supervisor and/or the Director of Campus and Public Safety. If approved, a permit will be issued.

You must take a copy of this permit to the Office of Student Activities at The Hub Room 107. There you can obtain a fire pit and a fire extinguisher for your outdoor fire. It is your responsibility to be sure you make application at CPS so you have time to obtain the pit and extinguisher from Student Activities. The Office of Student Activities recommends submitting an application a week in advance of your event to ensure a fire pit will be available. Call 724-503-1001 ext. 3025 to be sure a fire pit and fire extinguisher are available prior to submitting an application to CPS. You can obtain them between the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on business days. Pick up of fire pits is not available on the weekend. The fire pits and extinguishers must be returned to the Office of Student Activities in The Hub Room 107 by the following business day. If the fire pit is used over the weekend, please return Monday morning.

Outdoor fires must adhere to the following:

  1. Fires must be contained in the issued metal fire pit and cannot exceed three feet in diameter and three feet in height. Fire pits must be 20 feet away from any structure or building, and the issued fire extinguisher must be nearby at all times.
    • Fire extinguishers should be discharged only in cases of emergency and should not be used for routine extinguishing of fires .If a fire extinguisher is used Campus and Public Safety must be notified. CPS will make sure the fire extinguisher is recharged or replaced and put back into service as soon as possible.
  2. Only approved burning material is permitted. Permitted materials include untreated wood and charcoal. Items not permitted to be burned include, but are not limited to, trash, plastics, rubber, painted wood, and plywood. Use of accelerants such as lighter fluid, alcohol or gasoline is strictly prohibited. Store bought fire starter fiber blocks or cubes are permitted.
  3. Fire must be monitored at all times and must be completely extinguished with water (including all hot embers) by 12:00 am.
  4. Any behavior by an individual or group of individuals in attendance that puts the health and safety of themselves, others, or the community at risk may be addressed through the student conduct process as well as PA state and local law. The individuals or group indicated on the application may also be held accountable for violations through the student conduct process as well.

The permit (pink copy) for the fire must be presented upon demand to any CPS Security or Police Officer or City of Washington Fire Fighter or Washington or East Washington Police Officer.

Campus and Public Safety and/or the City of Washington Fire Department has the right to order the extinguishment of any fire at any time.