Red & Black: Get Involved

The Red & Black is staffed by several dedicated, hard-working students at Washington & Jefferson College. Students are involved in all aspects of the newspaper, including some that may surprise you. Stop by one of our meetings to learn more about any of these positions.

Editorial Board

About 12 editors oversee the weekly publication from start to finish. Editors are paid to perform their specific duties for each issue. Though work-study eligible students are preferred, it's not necessarily a requirement. Of course, these positions are very skill-based and require commitment and enthusiasm for the newspaper. Any positions available are listed as "open" in the staff box listed in each issue. Editors pick up great career skills not only in publishing, but also in leadership, staff management, and more.


Students who want to build on their writing skills are always welcome to write for any of our sections—news, sports, arts, or campus. Once a student joins staff, she or she takes assignments from section editors and is paid for each published piece. Writing skills are handy in any profession, as is the ability to research a topic, and writers will also get to work with many people across campus. We are always looking for new writers; stop by one of our weekly meetings to see what we're about!

Advertising Representatives

If you'd like to see the business side of running a weekly newspaper, this might be the job for you. Seek out local businesses that would like to advertise and help them get some exposure on campus. This kind of job requires some people skills and some business savvy. Ranges from fast-paced to slow, depending on how much work you put into it. Salesmanship skills are almost essential in today's business field and translate to a number of career paths. Payment is based on commission. Students may also be asked to design advertising as well (but we can train you on that part).


The Red & Black limits itself to two student opinion columns per issue. These highly sought-after positions are applied for at the beginning of every academic year and selected by the staff. This is not necessarily a paid position (writers must reach "staff status" to qualify for payment, see our policy section for more information).


Handy with a camera? Photographers are sort of "on-call" for weekly assignments and can take photos for any of our sections. Payment is granted for each published image. Supply your own camera or use one of our digital cameras. Great for building your photography skills (even if it's just a hobby) and there is potential for adding digital art software proficiency.

Graphic Artists

Got an eye for art? Know how to work with Photoshop? Can you sketch a decent picture? We occasionally need additional artwork, such as photo manipulations and graphics, to go along with our stories. Paid on a piece by piece basis.


If you're handy with pen and ink, have a good sense of humor, and maybe an open ear to ongoing contemporary politics and world/campus news, we could use your cartoon. Paid on a piece by piece basis. May have a limit to the total number of cartoons each week.

Student staff members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Red & Black policy manual.