When you come to W&J, you aren’t just getting a world class education; you’re forging connections with lifelong friends and discovering all the ways you can make your mark on the world. Our student clubs and organizations help you do just that.

Our clubs give you a place to connect with people who share your interests, become a leader, and have fun. There’s no shortage of ways for you to get involved!

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Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)

Philanthropy organization that works with the American Cancer Society. We hold fun fundraising events and raise awareness.

LatinX Culture Association (LCA)

LCA is a club in which we engage in discussion discussing current events both in the U.S. and Latin America. This is also where students will learn more in-depth about the LatinX diverse culture.

Technology Toward Tomorrow

Technology Toward Tomorrow (T3) is Washington & Jefferson College's technology club. T3 assists CIS students in career preparation by hosting educational and networking events, connecting students with alumni in their field of interest, and helping them develop resumes and portfolios....

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

W&JEMS is a Quick Response Service (QRS) licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide emergency medical care on campus.

Disc Golf Club

Intramural club for students interested in playing disc golf.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a student-run organization that consults with W&J alumni to familiarize students interested in pursuing a career in law with legal processes. Mock Trial teaches students how to work as a team by applying court proceedings, rules of...

Star Wars Club

The mission of Star Wars Club is to bring long-time fans, as well as new fans, of Star Wars together. Club activities include, but are not limited to, the following: viewing and discussing the Star Wars films and television series,...

Indian Student Association

Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma prioritizes academic excellence, participation in student organizations, and participation in varsity athletics. Our chapter has been awarded the highest Greek Life GPA award for most semesters since 1980; members of our chapter are a part of numerous honor...

Alpha Phi Omega (APO)

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed National Service Fraternity that helps students to develop leadership, promote friendship and to provide service to humanity; and further the freedom that is our national, educational and intellectual heritage.

Newman Club

The Newman Club is the Catholic ministry on campus. They organize Wednesday evenings and have homemade dinners each week, which follow Mass at 5:30 pm, and Sunday Mass at 5:00 pm.

Association for Women in Mathematics

The Association for Women in Mathematics is an organization to support females in the field of mathematics.

Investment Club (WJIC)

Our goal is to promote sound investing knowledge in our college community while providing a space for like-minded students to come together and discuss their own investing strategies.

Men’s Club Volleyball

The men’s club volleyball team is one of the few club sports offered at the college that compete against other schools. In the past years the men’s club volleyball team has represented W&J on a national level in the men’s...

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is committed to helping children in the community reach their potential through one-on-one relationships with student mentors.

Student Affiliation for Neuroscience

A group of W&J students interested in neuroscience that network with alumni, share research and internship experiences and collaborate with other clubs for neuroscience-related fun.

Washington Fellows

Welcome to the Washington Fellows Our Mission Statement The mission of the Washington Fellows of Washington & Jefferson College is to foster intelligent, well-rounded high school leaders into capable, confident young adults in an ever-changing world. The Washington Fellows is...

Coloring Club

The Coloring Club aims to provide a relaxing space for students to connect with each other and take a break from daily stresses. We create fun activities with other clubs on campus as well as themed events involving coloring and...

Red & Black Student Newspaper

The Red & Black aims to reflect the interests and voices of the student body. All students are welcome to write for any of our sections: campus news, current events, diversity, opinions, and sports.

Hillel Society

Hillel Society is a Jewish organization on campus dedicated to providing a group for Jewish students, as well as sharing parts of our religion, with the rest of W&J students to embrace our diversity.

Interfaith Leadership Club (ILC)

The Interfaith Club aims to educate the students at Washington & Jefferson College and the people of the City of Washington on the diverse faiths and world views that the people of this world subscribe to. The first step to...

Knit Wits

Welcome to Knit Wits! We are a club that provides the resources to either knit, loom, or crochet any project a student would desire. During our meetings, we like to provide a space where it is calming and chill for...

Equestrian Club

This club provides the opportunity for students to learn about horsemanship, practice the English riding discipline at a local facility, and compete against other collegiate equestrian teams through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).

Cheerleading Squad

Our squad attends football games as well as home games for men's and women's basketball seasons!

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