Student Clubs

When you come to W&J, you aren’t just getting a world class education; you’re forging connections with lifelong friends and discovering all the ways you can make your mark on the world. Our student clubs and organizations help you do just that.

Our clubs give you a place to connect with people who share your interests, become a leader, and have fun. There’s no shortage of ways for you to get involved!

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French Club

The goal of the French Club is to enrich student knowledge of French language and culture.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a club dedicated to bringing together members of the LGBTQ+ community and provide a safe space to talk about their experiences as well as provide some education on the community.

German Club

German Club allows students to unite and learn about German language and culture. Everyone is welcome!

Green Club

Green Club is a student led organization aiming to educate the campus community on sustainable practices in order to keep the earth and our environment healthy and clean.

Hillel Society

Hillel Society is a Jewish organization on campus dedicated to providing a group for Jewish students, as well as sharing parts of our religion, with the rest of W&J students to embrace our diversity.

History Club

The History Club is a student led organization that provides students with a community of peers with a shared interest in history. The club hosts events, meetings, and programs centered around students passion for history.

Improv Club – Common Integrity

Arts & Music
Common Integrity works to promote performance in the rawest form while simultaneously giving students a chance to let loose, relax, and gain public speaking and performance skills, as well as confidence.

Interfaith Leadership Club (ILC)

The Interfaith Club aims to educate the students at Washington & Jefferson College and the people of the City of Washington on the diverse faiths and world views that the people of this world subscribe to. The first step to peace is understanding. In order to have a pluralistic society, we need to understand where we all come from. ILC is a bridge-building organization that engages in community service, especially in the City of Washington, in order to encourage relationship building, show the power of interfaith organization, and improve the world. The ILC also serves as an advocacy group to students who have been discriminated against for religious reasons.

International Club

International Club seeks to provide an international experience to all W&J students.

Investment Club (WJIC)

Our goal is to promote sound investing knowledge in our college community while providing a space for like-minded students to come together and discuss their own investing strategies.


Arts & Music
JayBirds is a student-run acapella group! Here, students express themselves and relax from the stresses of the semester and sing popular songs — without music!

Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta is one of the four sororities apart of greek life on campus. Kappa Alpha Theta is dedicated to giving back to the community by participating in service projects and any form of philanthropy. Through service and scholarship, Kappa Alpha Theta builds leading women.

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