Residential Learning Communities


Theme Communities


The primary objective of theme housing at Washington and Jefferson College is to provide an environment where students can explore the interconnected relationship between what is learned and what is lived.  The theme communities bring together diverse groups of residents with common intellectual, political, and/or social interests. Providing opportunities for students with similar interests the opportunity to live together and participate in specially designed programs that cater to their interests. The Office of Residence Life supports the development of residential communities sustained by a commitment to intellectual inquiry, personal and collective introspection, and social action.

How to Create a Theme Community

Residents are encouraged to bring forth proposals for theme floors that meet the core goals of our housing program. Theme House communities are more than simply a place to live. They provide a valuable connection between a students' residential and social experience and the learning that occurs through service to others and the community. As such, we hold expectations for what our students will accomplish and learn from living within these communities.

Current Theme Communities

  • Wellness House - The Wellness House, established in 2016, is for students who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle.  This community is geared towards those individuals who focus on both physical and mental health.
  • Makers House - The Makers House, a new theme community for 2017, is community of individuals who love to create new things.  Do you love Pinterest?  Are you the type of person that would rather make something than go out and buy it? This would be the community for you. Supplies provided will revolve around crafting and other DIY projects, and staff will provide programming on learning new techniques to help create.
  • Substance Free House - The Substance Free House, a new theme community for 2017, is for those individuals looking for substance-free alternatives. The programming provided will focus on ways to have fun and make friends without alcohol, and the building will be strictly alcohol-free.
  • STEM House - The STEM community, created in 2015 by a group of students, is geared towards those in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics majors. The students regularly study together, and programming will focus on these majors and working towards academic goals.
  • Cultural Connections Community - The Cultural Connections Community, began in 2010 to create a learning experience for W&J students who are interested in studying abroad, have studied abroad, or are interested in exploring culture and exploring global perspectives. Additionally, the Cultural Connections Community is home to a vibrant, culturally diverse, and accepting community. Student, faculty, and staff generate programming centered on culture, community, global issues, and unifying conversations will take place regularly within the Cultural Connections Community.
  • Pet House - The Pet house provides a friendly environment to pets, their owners, and pet lovers. All students should remember that there will be two residents per room and only one animal permitted in each room. Roommates should work together to determine who will care for the pet.
Students study and talk in the common areas of Beau Hall as seen October 21, 2019 during the Creosote Affects photo shoot at Washington & Jefferson College.
A student and her pet dog outside of Monroe Hall as seen October 21, 2019 during the Creosote Affects photo shoot at Washington & Jefferson College.