Magellan Franklin Internship Award

What is a Magellan Franklin?

W&J’s Magellan Franklin Internship Award is a unique Magellan experience that financially enables students to take advantage of meaningful summer internship opportunities.

Why is a Magellan Franklin necessary?

We understand that the experience gained from an internship can be more valuable than the compensation. This is where the financial aid provided by a Magellan Franklin can be beneficial.

How can a Magellan Franklin be helpful?

Internships provide students with valuable opportunities to acquire skills outside the classroom and gain practical experience in their chosen profession. It also allows students to discern whether or not they are on the path to the right career.

Previous Award Recipients

Mazat Alafandi: Senior directed research intern, Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, UCLA
Lily Bonasso: Research assistant, Brain Trauma Research Center, Department of Neurosurgery, UPMC
Caitlyn Brenner: Research assistant, Department of Biology, WVU
Ryan DeMayo: Marketing and social media intern, President’s Pub (Washington, Pennsylvania)
Kathryn Dowling-Campbell: Research assistant, Department of Neurology, NYU Langone Health
Weston Henley: Internship with the director of Wildlife Ecology, Columbus Zoo (The Wilds)
Brach Herzig: Research assistant, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Allie House: Research assistant, Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Lab, Jacobs School of Medicine, University of Buffalo
Adam Hrycko: Human rights intern, Maximo Nivel (Cusco, Peru)
Nadia Khusro: Community organizing intern, Centro de Mujeres Afrocostarricenses (Limón, Costa Rica)
Hyundai Kim: Business intern, Sam’s Club
Victoria Metz: IVHQ youth support volunteer, Spain
Kiley Miller: Internship, Vector Marketing
Katrin Nalbantova: Student research internship, Center for Energy Policy & Management, W&J College
Brie Sutherland: Editorial and social media manager, Leadovate (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Will Tucker: Audio engineer and studio management intern (Houston, Texas)
Chynna Wilcox: Bilingual teaching intern (Cusco, Peru)
Sami Zimmo: Laboratory research intern, Department of Bioengineering, Lehigh University

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