Magellan Recipients & Projects

2019 Magellan Recipients & Projects

Cecilia Weiss: The Hawaiian Biome Comparison
Zoey Zentkovich: Exploring National Parks Across the United States
Maci Ward: Psychology Behind Buddhism
Alexander Skowron: The Effects of Population Pressures on Our National Parks
Kimber Randolph: The Irish Potato Famine as a Infrastructural Turning Point
Anja Popey: The Impacts of Art & Cuisine on Italian Culture
Karon McCloskey: Telling the Truth of Thai Temples
Neveen Mansi: The Transculturation of Colonial & Incan Architecture and its Relationship to Indigenous Racism in Peru
Lucy Li: Integration of Religion in Contemporary East Asian Society
Remy Legrand: Unspoken History: France and Spain in WWII and the Spanish Civil War
Ashley Kunkle: Environmental Policies of Australia
Grace Gegick: Climate Change and its Effect on Ice Wine Production
Pinar Garbioglu: Fae in Celtic, English & Scandinavian Mythology & Folklore
Abigail Ciasullo: Utah's Natural Manmade Art
Kahdija Charpentier: The Gender Anomaly in Amsterdam
Devin Black: The Preservation of the Irish Language
Isabelle Allen: Creating a Portfolio of Prints Inspired by Pittsburgh
Lemlem Gamble: The Impact of Art on Culture
Jessica Shieh: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: Cosmetic Surgery in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan
Maria (Clara) Sherwood: Contemporary Attitudes & Policies on Immigration in Spain & Morocco
Emma Rearson: Studying Renewable Energy in Japan
Rosa Messersmith: Roman Architectures in Art History
Will Kitsch: The Impact of Cultural Moods on Athletics
Kate Csehoski: Following Roman Architecture through Europe

Leslie Watkins: Ecotourism in New Zealand
Julie Shannon: Chinese Immigration & Cultural Influences in San Francisco
Marcy Saldivar: A European Country Behind its Time:  Disability in Portugal
Hannah Robart: Our Dying Planet:  How Australia is Fighting Back
Sydney Papinchak: Recycling & Waste Management in Five Countries
Dawlton Nelson: The Importance of Environment on Developing the African Child
Victoria (Tori) McKeehan: Political Evolution of Johannesburg
Kiera MacWhinnie: The Art & Culture of Japanese Garden Design
Charles Machiko: Gun Culture, National Happiness & Crime in Switzerland
Sydney Leigh Kightlinger: Red Light, Green Light: How Amsterdam Embraces the Sex Industry
Kaitlyn Janos: The Differences in Medicine, the Consistency in Compassion
Rena Israel: Sex Education Initiatives in Germany and the Politics within
Lucy Hutchison: Religion in South America
Jared Heller: Dietary Culture and its Effects on Overall Health
Ben Heim: Stigma and Its Influence on Seeking Mental Health Treatments (Australia)
Caitlin Guthrie: Architecture & History of Catholic Churches Throughout Ireland & Northern Ireland
Brooke Bova: Mexican Culture in Los Angeles
Kyrie Bernardi: Marine Biodiversity in Italy:  The Key to Immortal Life
Kate Sullivan: The Gaelic War's Influence on the Current Day
Fontana Micucci: The Art of Religion: A Study of Catholic Artwork
Erin Herock: Exploration of Sustainability Policies in Scandinavia and How Pittsburgh Compares
Daniel Florentino: The World's Biggest Gamblers:  An Ethnography on Australian Gambling Culture
Rose Markle: Exploring Europe After Times of Societal Turmoil Through Literature
Cassandra Kokal: Traditional Irish Music's Connection to Music Therapy

Yiping Jiang: The Impact of Shame Culture & Religious Difference on the Variable Suicide Rate Among China & Japan
Virginia Weber: Organic Chemistry Research with COILED
Shawn Wallbillich: New Zealand Policy Practices & Education of the Environment
Caroline Velazco: Mestizajc and its Representation in Art & Culture
Katherine Starr: From Paganism to Christianity: Religious Art & Architecture
Ashtyn Sparrow: The Medical System in the Francophone World
Brooke Shuck: Baseball: The Japanese Pasttime & the Surrounding Culture
Marisa Rosario: Climate Change Economics: American Businesses Changing Public Perception Through Education
Julia Plasynski: Conserving the Big 5
Christian Payne: Fitness & Physical Therapy in Europe
Ema Oroxom: Area Development of Mayan Temples
Wandile Mncube: Analyzing & Comparing the Economic Systems of Iceland & Switzerland to a Country in the Eurozone Like the Netherlands
Dia Lusk: Special Events Across Different Countries
Hannah Lacey: Exploring Wellness & Holistic/Alternative Forms of Medicine in Costa Rica
Nevin Khalil: The Professional Life of Psychology Professors in England
Jared Anthony Kelly: El Camino de Neruda (The Path of Neruda)
Alexandra House: Celiac Disease and Its Impact on Irish History & Cultures
Michael Heinl: Venice & Wroclaw: Immigration in Europe's "Cities of Bridges"
Diamond Hamilton: Environmental Effects on Animals' Behavior
Sarah Edwards: Ocean Cleanup and Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Project
Makenzie Coughlin: High School Sports Culture
Emilee Byers: The Holocaust Represented in Germany & Poland
Julie Bush: WWII Through Different Eyes
Julia Bernesser: Early Childhood Education in America v. Denmark
Megan Barrett: The Criminal Justice System in Ireland v. America
Abigail Abraham: Religion in Iceland, Switzerland & the Netherlands
Kelsea Siter: Smart Cities: Abu Dhabi & Dubai
Maxwell Hartman: Cyclical Revenue in Switzerland Outdoor Activity Industry

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