Study Abroad Options and I <3 Study Abroad Month

Created: January 29, 2020
Last Updated: January 29, 2020



It’s I <3 Study Abroad Month!

Every semester, W&J students travel all over the globe and return with new perspectives and experiences. Take part in our first annual I <3 Study Abroad Month!

Find out about international events happening on campus throughout the month!
Feeling inspired to take your learning to the next level?  W&J has programs to suit any major.  A few of these programs have earlier deadlines or tend to fill, so if you’re considering applying for one of these, schedule an appointment now so we can help you plan the semester of your dreams!

Programs that fill or have early deadlines:
CIEE: Business, Engineering, Arts, & Sciences, Sharjah, UAE
USAC: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Lewis & Clark College, Year of Study in Munich, Germany
Temple University in Rome, Italy
USAC: Valencia,  Spain

Did you know? 100% of W&J students who study abroad for a semester or year receive funding to help with travel costs!

Student with a W&J pennant poses in front of mountains.

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