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A Toast to Tastemakers: Other alumni in the industry

July 16, 2017
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Glenn Rice ’78 owns Quantum Limit Vineyards (pictured above) in Napa Valley. After decades of living in the Bay Area and visiting wine country when friends and fellow alumni came to visit, he decided to make the leap and become a vineyard owner. Quantum primarily sells its grapes to another vineyard for production but makes around …  

Campus Connection

June 30, 2017
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Angel Wells ’96 (left) and Dr. Stacy Lane ’97 at Central Outreach Wellness Clinic. The two have been friends since their time as pre-med students at W&J and now work together. Rigorous pre-med curriculum leads two alumnae to healthcare success Since she was a child, her father had told Stacy Lane ’97 that she would be …