Holly Troesch '23

Biology, German

I have great professors and I am studying with a great program that truly wants me to be present in the world and to get out there and take part in whatever is available to me. I have great relationships and connections with my professors and the staff at W&J and I know that they all personally want everyone to be able to learn, know what is right and important, and to be engaged with the world.

WASHINGTON, PA (July 14, 2021)—It’s a summer of discovery at the Carnegie Science Center for both Holly Troesch ’23 and the interactive learning museum’s patrons.

The Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) biology and German double major is interning with the Animals and Habitats department at the Science Center and is responsible for the care and maintenance of various animals at the museum. In addition to caring for the creatures, Holly is also starting a project to translate the signage around their exhibits into German to make the information accessible to more guests.

“I am learning a lot from this experience and the main thing is learning how to properly care for certain animals,” Holly said. “Another one of the fun things I have been doing as an intern at the CSC is learning how to talk with the guests about the animals we have on exhibit.  I enjoy learning how to speak to different audiences, such as adults or elementary school summer camps, about the museum.  This internship is also allowing me to learn how to be more independent and confident in the work that I do.”

Holly feels prepared for this work, thanks to her time at W&J. In addition to the courses that have given her a solid foundation of knowledge to complete her work, she’s also built skills not typically included on a college curriculum.

“My time at W&J has taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and be confident in the things that I do,” Holly said. “I have learned how to make great connections with the people that I meet and work with.  I have learned that asking questions and asking for some assistance is one hundred percent okay because it helps you learn and shows the people around you that you are eager to know how to do things correctly.”

The encouragement and support from her W&J professors has encourage Holly to shine a light on her passions, and she plans to continue sharing them with others after he time at W&J as she pursues a career that focuses on community outreach and supporting wildlife.

Holly’s internship experience is supported by W&J’s Maxwell Fund.