Maddy Ramsey '25

Physics, Mathematics

“The sense of community I experienced inspired me to get more involved with physics at W&J…[I want to plan] a new STEM colloquium that fosters community among STEM students and faculty at W&J.”

Ramsey completed a ten-week research internship at the University of Rochester during the summer of 2023, where she worked in a lab studying quantum information.

Provide a brief overview of your internship experience.

I worked with signal processing, preparing electrical signals to enter a quantum computer. My work primarily involved coding, as these electrical signals are created and altered using computer software. The REU Program I participated in focused not only on research itself but also on professional development and graduate school preparation programs.

What was the most valuable part of your internship?

The most valuable aspect of the REU Program was the opportunity to experience research at a big research university. I learned about a wide range of physics subfields and research projects. Additionally, I met other physics students from colleges and universities from across the world. My favorite aspect of the REU Program was the community-based collaborative environment that came with working and living with other physics students.

How did your academic experience at W&J prepare you for your internship?

Because W&J is a small school, I have had the opportunity to work closely with many of the physics professors. This has led to countless research and leadership opportunities over my time at W&J. The ability to participate in research here at W&J gave me the confidence and skill set to participate in the REU Program. Additionally, at W&J, I am able to take a variety of STEM classes, ranging from chemistry to math to physics to computer science. Many of these courses were centered around the key concepts I needed to participate in the REU Program last summer.