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Washington & Jefferson College

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

Following the Civil War, both colleges were short on students and on funds, causing them to join together as Washington & Jefferson College.

Effort to Overturn Consolidation

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

Before the merger could be completed, Canonsburg residents and Jefferson College partisans filed a lawsuit known as the Pennsylvania College Cases, which sought to overturn the consolidation plan.

Jonathan Edwards

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

On April 4th, Jonathan Edwards, a pastor from Baltimore who had been president of Hanover College, was elected the first president of the unified Washington & Jefferson College.

Canonsburg Academy

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

Canonsburg Academy was reconstituted as Jefferson College, with John McMillan serving as the first President of the Board of Trustees.

Washington College

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

Matthew Brown petitioned the Pennsylvania General Assembly to grant Washington Academy a charter, allowing it to be re-christened as Washington College.

Consolidation Upheld

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

The United States Supreme Court upheld the consolidation, allowing the newly configured college to proceed.

Growth and Community Engagement

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

Under Brian C. Mitchell, who served as president from 1998 to 2004, the college experienced a growth in construction and an effort to improve relations with the neighboring communities.

The Beginning: Three Log Cabins

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

Washington & Jefferson College traces its origins to three log cabin colleges established by frontier clergymen John McMillian, Thaddeus Dod, and Joseph Smith.

Women Admitted

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

The Trustees authorized the admission of women as undergraduate students.

Renovations to McMillan Hall

Updated: January 21, 2022 |

James D. Moffat personally paid for the renovations of McMillan Hall.