Website update “v2.5” coming soon

Created: March 5, 2020
Last Updated: September 3, 2020



The Communication & Marketing Team is excited to share that version "2.5" of the website will be going live shortly. This update to the website includes new designs for over 30 pages, new content, and improvements to the user experience. All of this work is the result of hours of meetings with stakeholder groups, interviews, user feedback, and notes we've collected since the new website launched back in October.

As you know, the new website launched with an intense focus on prospective students. We wanted to create an experience for this audience that truly communicates the value and uniqueness of a Washington & Jefferson College education. We're proud to share that this new update continues this effort by focusing on our major landing pages - Future Students, Academics, and Student Life, and complemented by updates to content underneath them as well.  For example, see the changes to the Student Life landing page.



You'll see new, bold photos on each page with next subtitles that create impact. Below that are three callouts for admissions. In the content section, each page has been thoughtfully restructured and arranged as enticing gateways into deeper sections of the website. Complimenting this content are student or alumni stories which help bring our content to life. All of this content is redesigned in a much more attractive layout and of course, looks great on mobile.

There are also over 20 sub-pages that have been redesigned across the different areas. Rounding out our new content are pages for Athletics and Parents. The Parents page specifically speaks to this important audience, providing them with a single destination for resources, news, and information.

Finally, you'll see some improvements to the navigation, main menu, and site structure. On sub-pages with a sidebar, the sidebar has moved to the right side. The "hamburger" menu will now only show up on a mobile device.  This is because the main menu has been redesigned.  There are two menus with the addition of a "utility" menu above the main menu.  For the main menu, when you hover over the main choices, you'll see a designed dropdown menu, allowing you to navigate deeper into the site in one click.

Look for these changes to take effect on the week of March 26. We'll be rolling out the changes throughout the week and we appreciate your patience during the transition. If you have any questions about the new changes, please contact Kris LaGreca. If you spot an error or a message that requires an update, send a request to our helpdesk to add it directly into our issue tracking queue.

This is just step in a journey of continuous improvement of our digital assets. The Communication and Marketing team will be meeting with each office and academic program to flesh out in even greater detail, your stories and content to further enrich the website. Other initiatives to look forward to are a redesigned Intranet portal called "My W&J" as well as continued improvements in our events system, our staff directory, and more.

Thanks for being part of this journey,



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