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Created: October 14, 2019
Last Updated: November 22, 2019



Hi folks,

We’d like to thank everyone for the kind words of encouragement and excitement about the new that was launched last week. We appreciate your support and patience, as this has been a gigantic transition.  We thank everyone who’s been submitting comments, questions, and feedback using either an email to, or the “feedback” widget that you see on the right side of the screen.  Please remember this is the most efficient method of communication and we are addressing every ticket that we receive.

Below is a quick update on some of the common questions and general feedback on the website:

  • We’re aware of performance issues and have been working continuously to optimize and achieve page load times goals of under 3 seconds.
  • If the site loads “broken” and you’re using Internet Explorer, we identified a bug in IE10 and IE11 that caused this, only within our internal network.  This issue does not affect browsers outside the W&J network.  We squashed this bug earlier today, so if you’re still experiencing issues in IE, please clear your browser cache.  If that does not work, please create a help request.
  • We discovered some content/pages were missing from some program pages.  We’re aware of the missing content and are working to re-add it.
  • Remember that content, pages, and other resources that are staff, faculty, or student-specific have been moved to the Intranet.  Note that you need to log in with your Office365 account.  If you experience login issues, please contact the IT help desk first, as it is most likely related to your account.

The new is just the beginning.  Within the coming weeks, expect to see more features, content, and visuals on this website. We’re going to be working closely with every office, department, and program to discover your content needs and help to share your particular “Why W&J?” experience and message that makes us a top college in the region.  I look forward to creating great content and telling your story, with you.

Kris LaGreca, Digital Strategist.

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