Jackson Hole Center Internship

Jackson Hole internship

About the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs (JHCGA)

The Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs (JHCGA) is a premier bipartisan public policy research center in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

JHCGA promotes educational activities, and has organized over 60 meetings of our Global Business Roundtable, Next Generation project, and other public events. Through its flagship project, the U.S.-China Clean Energy Initiative, it has organized international exchanges to bring together over 200 policymakers and technical experts to address the issue of global carbon emissions from coal through policy reports, op-ed pieces, and documentary film presentations. These dimensions of the JHCGA's work combine to form its overall mission, through which it seeks to engage policymakers and influence the policy process with the results of our efforts. JHCGA currently has three policy priorities:

  • Help Wyoming, the nation, and the world adjust to a carbon-constrained future
  • Promote involvement in the global economy
  • Encourage participation of the next generation of leaders in public affairs

Learn more about the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs at http://jhcga.org