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W&J adds new mental health and wellness resources through innovative BeWell@W&J program

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WASHINGTON, PA (September 29, 2022)—Continuing its mission to graduate well-rounded people of uncommon integrity, Washington & Jefferson College recently launched an innovative health and wellness system which provides additional resources for student health and well-being.

Called BeWell@W&J, the system, supported by Christie Campus Health, gives students access to a 24/7/365 mental health support line; additional counseling sessions; a free, premium subscription to the mindfulness app Headspace; SilverCloud’s digital, mental health and wellness programs; and a plethora of wellness articles and videos, all centralized in an online Wellness Hub.

The support line offers students in-the-moment help from licensed counselors, regardless of time-of-day or location, and enables faculty and staff to refer students or seek advice, while Headspace helps keep student minds balanced and SilverCloud empowers them to manage stress and emotions, improve coping skills, and more.

Though W&J has always been committed to offering students necessary, around-the-clock, and mobile support for mental health and wellness, and has long provided resources through the Office of Student Health & Counseling Services, such as in-office and telehealth counseling, and access to an after-hours counselor on-call, BeWell@W&J extends College capabilities.

Through BeWell@W&J, students may supplement existing, on-campus counseling services with free telehealth or face-to-face sessions with off-campus, licensed mental health providers. These sessions are available wherever students may be (on- or off- campus, and in any state or country), and enable them to schedule counseling after-hours or on weekends, with a diversity of counselors whom they can choose based on varying identities or linguistic preferences.

“The addition of BeWell@W&J allows us to significantly enhance our mental health support offerings to W&J students,” said Eva Chatterjee-Sutton, the vice president of Student Life and dean of students. “Students can now access teletherapy 24/7/365, and mindfulness resources when it’s most convenient for them, and can personalize their experience by utilizing resources that are most aligned with their therapeutic preferences.”

Shelly Lear, director of Student Health & Counseling Services, agreed.

“In the past 20 years, at all levels of education, we’ve begun to realize that students do better when they are able to reach out for, and access, help and support,” she said. “Over the past 10 years, levels of anxiety and distress in American culture have been rising exponentially. BeWell@W&J increases our ability to intervene and provide support at all levels, and it allows our staff to focus on building on-campus relationships and community well-being.”

Thus, with the addition of BeWell@W&J, better mental health and wellness can be Founded Here.

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