PITTSBURGH, PA (Dec. 15, 2014) – Less than a year after graduating from W&J, Zoe Levenson '14 already is making an impact in her field. A student in the Master of Information Systems and Management program at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College, Levenson was selected as this year’s recipient of the Women in Transportation Fellowship.

Levenson has always been interested in urban planning and the world of transportation. With the ever-increasing infusion of technology and innovation, the transportation industry is undergoing a complete transformation. The issues that come with rapid transformation like this require future leaders with a vested interest in the technology and analytical skills needed to solve them. Levenson endeavors to be one of those future leaders.

“The Women in Transportation Fellowship is an opportunity for a student like Zoe to gain systemic exposure to the industry,” said Traffic21 Program Director Courtney Ehrlichman. “From research, funding, politics, she sees how Traffic21 partners with real world agencies and organizations to get the technology out of the university and onto our streets.”

Levenson has already taken great strides toward earning her WIT fellowship. She is building a database for T-Set, the National USDOT University Transportation Center for Safety, she is conducting research with Dr. Sean Qian and the T-SET UTC Mobility Analytics Center, and she is even forming a Transportation Club on campus with a group of other students.

“So far we have set a vision for the club, tried out a few event types, and are beginning to develop programming for the spring to bring awareness to the campus student body about the breadth and width of the transportation industry,” added Levenson.

Beyond her on campus activities, Levenson is also looking towards furthering transportation technology in the region. She recently joined the board of the Women Transportation Seminar Pittsburgh Chapter, which has been partly formed by Ehrlichman.

“I get to work with a group of women already working in the field to form a chapter of an international organization and learning how to incorporate a non-profit,” said Levenson. “Not only am I developing a great network among these professional women, but I’m also flexing my leadership muscles by being the Board Secretary and understanding the importance of this role to keep a board moving forward.”

This summer, Zoe will take part in an internship with Boeing, where she hopes to develop an even deeper understanding of the technology and management of transportation.

“It’s hard to believe I’ve only been here for two months,” continued Levenson. “The Traffic21 Fellow has provided me additional opportunities to supplement the skill set gained from my full Heinz course work.

“Through all of my experiences thus far, I am excited to be a women entering the male dominated transportation field!”

The Women in Transportation Fellowship, offered in partnership with the Traffic21 Institute and the T-SET University Transportation Center (UTC) is awarded every year to an incoming student who is entering the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM) or Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) degree programs. It is awarded to an outstanding female student who has, within the standard application for admission, demonstrated an interest and commitment to Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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