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W&J Announces Honors Awards for 2019-2020 Academic Year

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WASHINGTON, PA (May 25, 2020)—Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) is announcing the winners of the College’s academic honors for the 2019-2020 school year.

Every spring, W&J recognizes high-achieving students in academic disciplines across the College during Honors Convocation. Due to COVID-19, the College was unable to hold this year’s ceremony, but will host an event honoring these students at a later date.

This year’s award winners are:

AWARD Winner
Scholar in Art Darian F. Stapleton
Scholar in Biochemistry Benjamin L. Freedman
The Edwin Scott Linton Prize in Biology Gillian Kaspar
Caitlin Shellhamer
The Jesse W. Lazear Prize in Chemistry Mark Mandak
Andrew Cipriano
Scholar in Communication Arts Alex S. York
Dia R. Lusk
The CIS Award for Independent Learning Gianni F. Mangino
Scholar in Conflict and Resolution Studies Alex S. York
The Benjamin Franklin Prize Brooke Shuck
The Walter Hudson Baker Prize in Economics Jacob Fabian
Scholar in Education Jillian J. McElhaney
The William Holmes McGuffey Prize in English Rhiannon Wineland
The John Livingston Lowes Prize in English Anna Williams
The Henry Willson Temple Prize in History Erik Blasic
Jessica Skobel
The J. Adolph Schmitz Prize in Language Laurel Sipe
Jared Kelly
The Clyde Shepherd Atchison Prize Jessica Gibson
Scholar in Music Fred C. Clark
The Edward Moffat Weyer Prize in Philosophy Christian Buckley
Jonathan Howland
Robert Lloyd Mitchell Prize in Ancient Greek Philosophy Jarrett McCracken
The George Winchester Prize in Physics Krista Sudar
The James Clyde McGregor Prize in Political Science Jacob M. Fabian
The James Gillespie Blaine Prize in Political Science Maxwell Box
Scholar in Psychology Molly Doran
Trevor Echols
Yiping Jiang
Scholar in Sociology Kaylee Marshe
Dr. Emory A. Rittenhouse II Prize in Biology Caitlin Shellhamer
The Adlai E. Michaels Prize Tyler Hines
The Nicholas C. and Josephine C. Tucci Memorial Prize in Chemistry Dylan Bertovich
The Daniel Latchney Prize in Chemistry and Biochemistry Mark Mandak
The Samuel Jones Prize in Chemistry and Physics Brianna Billingsley
Gracy Frost
Andrew Rockovich
CIS Award for Interdisciplinary Computing Collin M. McClaine
David and Kristin Steinberg Scholarship in Computing and Information Studies Elizabeth L. Mack
The Jennifer Lynn Oliver Prize in Theatre Abigail L. Adams
Rachel M. Doty
The Dudley R. Johnson Prize in Theatre Arts Zoe Pienkoski
The Communication Arts ‘Winter Tales’ Prize for Top Script Nathan G. Walter
The Dr. Frederick H. Wilson Memorial Academic Prize in Economics Dominic Eannace
The Maurice Cleveland Waltersdorf Prize in Economics Conor Manning
Kyle Beard
Katherine Starr
The Michael P. Rettger Memorial Academic Award Caitlin Mounts
The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award Ryan Cerbus
The William G. and Belle M. Marshall Prize in Economics Evan Kurela
McKayla Rollison
Caitlin Guthrie
Brandon Warne
The Charles P. Eaton Prize for Entrepreneurial Studies Austin Homerosky
Saif Al Remeithi
The James W. Hanna Prize in Education Danielle N. Humphreys
Paige K. Adams
The William M. and Saundra Stout Endowed Prize Fund in Education Spencer T. Anderson
Breanna M. Arbes
The Emily Auld Memorial Prize in English Molly Kilbourne
The Robert L. ’40 and Connie Ceisler Pre-Law English Award Sydney Kightlinger
Environmental Studies Prize Lindsey Barnhart
Shawn Wallbillich
The Maria Leonard Senior Book Award Katherine Starr
Alex York
The Alfred H. Sweet Prize in History Jordan Thomas
The Walter S. Sanderlin Prize in History Samantha Wessel
Gordon E. Swartz History Fellowship Erik Blasic
Friedrich R. Crupe Prize in International Relations Laurel Sipe
Megan Williams
Scholar in International Studies Sofia N. Carrasco
Molly J. Doran
The Richard S. Pett Academic Travel Award Hannah Lindsay
Bianca Pate
Devin Black
The A. Richard Oliver Prize in French Jordan Thomas
Dr. Delia Lagar and George Jaques Böhm Endowed Prize Hannah Robart
Noah Hoffman
The Dr. Mariano Garcia ’39 Award in Mathematics Jessica Gibson
Cheryl Fergerson
Alexas Iams
Hannah Johnston
Theodore M. Slabey Prize in Mathematics Education Breanna Arbes
The Patterson, Atchison, Shaub, Dorwart, and Thomas Mathematics Award Andrew Rockovich
Barbara Ransohoff Burnett Prize in Music Joseph Artinger
The Nicholas C. and Josephine C. Tucci Memorial  Prize in Music Anna Higgins
Donovan Luersen
The Mr. Thomas V. Fritz Memorial Prize Wengly Saintlouis
The Matthew Brown Ringland Prize in Social Sciences Jacob M. Fabian
The Richard R. Martin Prize in Psychology Maxwell Box
The Robert Harbison Bible Prize Theodore Somes
Haley Maglin
The Paul L. Reardon Award Hannah Johnston
Nathaniel Wang
The Maurice Cleveland Waltersdorf Award for Innovative Leadership Michael Conroy
Conor Manning
Sydney Papinchak
The Irene Kennedy Williams Endowed Prize Megan Bollman
The Coblentz-Silliman Leadership Prize Theodore (Trent) Arthur Somes
The David K. Scarborough Leadership Award Jared Heller
Adriana Rodriguez-Ruiz
The Donald W. Ebbert Award Sofiya Bobrovnikova
Michael Zito
Legacy of Leadership Award Jessica Skobel
Frederick J. and Frances Jeanne Frank Prize for Leadership in the Communication Arts Julia M. Angotti
Karsyn M. Jimenez
Trelka Prize for Original Research in the Life Sciences Maxwell Box (first)
Sofia Garman (first)
Lucy Elkin (second)
Erica Tronetti (third)

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