Old Main as seen from a drone view on the campus of Washington & Jefferson College in May 2018.

W&J celebrates student accomplishments at 2022 Honors Convocation

WASHINGTON, PA (April 22, 2022)—On April 21, Washington and Jefferson College hosted its 2022 Honors Convocation in First Presbyterian Church.

At the annual event, friends and family of honored students joined faculty and staff in celebrating a variety of accomplishments, recognized by departmental or programmatic awards. The list of recognized students is below. 

Departmental Book Prizes

Scholar in Art: Abigail Ciasullo, Hailey Nudelman

Scholar in Biochemistry: Jesse Reardon

The Edwin Scott Linton Prize in Biology: Cecilia Maclae, Alexander Keith

The Benjamin Franklin Prize: Justin Heacock

The Jesse W. Lazear Prize in Chemistry: Quinn Pickering

Tyler Hines Scholar in Communication Arts: Kathryn Hahn, Kristine Horissian

The CIS Award for Independent Learning: Daniel Gysi

Scholar in Conflict and Resolution Studies: Faith Martin, Delaney Sullivan

The Walter Hudson Baker Prize in Economics: Alexis Tomassini

Scholar in Education: Sydney Bury

The William Holmes McGuffey Prize in English: Hannah Lindsay

The John Livingston Lowes Prize in English: Jacqueline Mannina, Adia Muhammad

The Henry Willson Temple Prize in History: Cole Leathers, Timera Toppin

The J. Adolph Schmitz Prize in Language: Bianca Pate

The Clyde Shepherd Atchison Prize: Jeffrey Wilkinson

Scholar in Music: Anna Higgins

The Edward Moffat Weyer Prize in Philosophy: Jadyn Lawrence

Quinn Pickering Robert Lloyd Mitchell Prize in Ancient Greek Philosophy: Jadyn Lawrence

The George Winchester Prize in Physics.: Vikram Singh

The James Clyde McGregor Prize in Political Science: Lillien Shaer

The James Gillespie Blaine Prize in Political Science: Nicholas Belofsky

Scholar in Psychology: Vidhi Bansal

Lucy Li Scholar in Sociology: April Giles

Academic Prizes and Awards

 Dr. Emory A. Rittenhouse II Prize in Biology: Jesse Reardon

The Michael P. Rettger Memorial Academic Award: Tyler Horvat

The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award: Jarred Rice

Wayne Robison Prize: Ava Smith

The Adlai E. Michaels Prize: Gia Monte

The Nicholas C. and Josephine C. Tucci Memorial Prize in Chemistry: Dylan Mayanja

The Daniel Latchney Prize in Chemistry and Biochemistry: Vincent Catania

CIS Award for Interdisciplinary Computing: Katherine Ruffing

David and Kristin Steinberg Scholarship in Computing and Information Studies: Antonia Meier

The Dudley R. Johnson Prize in Theatre Arts: Christine Sonnenberg

The Communication Arts ‘Winter Tales’ Prize for Top Script: Rowan Angstadt

The Dr. Frederick H. Wilson Memorial Academic Prize in Economics: Shayla VanHorn

The Maurice Cleveland Waltersdorf Prize in Economics: Victoria Boalton, Jeffrey Wilkinson

The William G. and Belle M. Marshall Prize in Economics: Linh Khuat

The James W. Hanna Prize in Education: Jasmine Washington

The William M. and Saundra Stout Endowed Prize Fund in Education: Ashley Kovel, Rosalina Medina

The Emily Auld Memorial Prize in English: Paul Collier

The Robert L. ’40 and Connie Ceisler Pre-Law English Award: Morgan Deiseroth

The Gilbert Award in Old English Literature: Sabrina Myers

Environmental Studies Prize: Zoey Zentkovich, Nickolas Bartel

The Maria Leonard Senior Book Award: Victoria Boalton, Adia Muhammad

The Alfred H. Sweet Prize in History: Katherine Ruffing

The Walter S. Sanderlin Prize in History: Bryton Altenbach

Gordon E. Swartz History Fellowship: Mario Sanchez Isabas

The Samuel Jones Prize in Chemistry and Physics: Benjamin Fabian

The Josephine Markley Prize in Physics: Madison Ramsey

Scholar in International Studies: Nicholas Belofsky, Isabelle Kratz, Maria Clara Sherwood

The Richard S. Pett Academic Travel Award: Nickolas Bartel, Holly Troesch

The A. Richard Oliver Prize in French: Isabelle Allen, Devin Black

Dr. Delia Lagar and George Jaques Böhm Endowed Prize: Jordyn White, Isabella Manzari, Madison Gutierrez

The Dr. Mariano Garcia ’39 Award in Mathematics: Abigail Ciasullo, Thomas Nicewicz, Ryan Rejaie, Jeffrey Wilkinson

Theodore M. Slabey Prize in Mathematics Education: Abigail Ciasullo, Thomas Einolf

The Patterson, Atchison, Shaub, Dorwart, and Thomas Mathematics Award: Jeffrey Wilkinson

Derric Denniston Barbara Ransohoff Burnett Prize in Music: Maria Clara Sherwood

The Nicholas C. and Josephine C. Tucci Memorial Prize in Music: Nicholas Gamble, Luke Geister

The Mr. Thomas V. Fritz Memorial Prize: Ian Anderson, Alyza Foster, Dylan Vallo

The Matthew Brown Ringland Prize in Social Sciences: Nicholas Belofsky, Laney Christy

The Richard R. Martin Prize in Psychology: Elizabeth Weimer

The Robert Harbison Bible Prize: Annalyse Friday, William Kitsch

Leadership and Service Awards

The Paul L. Reardon Award: Samantha Casile, Kyran Mitchell

The Maurice Cleveland Waltersdorf Award for Innovative Leadership: Gabrielle Pasternak, Joel Winters

The Irene Kennedy Williams Endowed Prize: Samantha Terrell

The W. Edward Sell Distinguished Service Award: Jeffrey Seabury

The David K. Scarborough Leadership Award: Raheem Clemons, Julia Hurwitz

The Donald W. Ebbert Award: Paul Collier

Victoria Wilson Legacy of Leadership Award: Cole Leathers

The Frank Family Prize for Leadership in the Communication Arts: Rosa Messersmith, Arianna Taylor