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Help W&J Help Houston’s Underserved

It may come as a surprise to some, but Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) has a longstanding history in the Houston, Texas area, which has recently dealt with severe flooding as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

For years, we have been an IMPACT partner with Houston-based YES Prep Public Schools, an open-enrollment public charter school system serving students in grades six through twelve in the city’s most underserved communities. We provide a strong emotional and academic support system, as well as financial aid, to make the transition from high school to W&J easier for these mostly first-generation college students.

The YES Prep students in Houston need the help of the W&J community now more than ever. Hurricane Harvey has decimated that region, particularly impacting the lower income areas the YES Prep schools serve. Our recent alumna, Ana Ramirez ’16, is a teacher at YES Prep and reached out to us for help and support during this disaster.

“I am currently a teacher at YES Prep North Central and, unfortunately, a lot of my students and thousands of people all over Houston have been left homeless due to severe flooding. YES Prep Public Schools has created a page for people to donate money, which will be distributed across the YES Prep district and will be given to those families that were worst impacted by the storm,” says Ana.

Let’s show Houston the strength and generosity of the W&J community by contributing to the relief efforts through YES Prep or one of these organizations:

YES Prep Families Flood Relief Fund:
You can also donate through text
Text: YESPrepkids To: 52886


Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund: 

Houston Food Bank: 

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