W&J junior’s cancer research published in national science journal

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WASHINGTON, PA (Sept. 19, 2018)—The national scientific journal Urology published research by Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) junior Ruchir Gupta ’20. He is listed as first author on the article. 

Ruchir, a neuroscience major from Ada, Mich.interned with Dr. Brian Lane in the Department of Urologic Oncology at Spectrum Health last summer after previously assisting Dr. Lane with other research projects. During his 10-week, paid internship, Ruchir compared four different kidney cancer tumor scoring systems (R.E.N.A.L., P.A.D.U.A., C.S.A, and P.A.V.P) that are used to examine the size and location of the tumor in relation to the kidney to assess tumor complexityP.A.V.P. was designed by Dr. Lane and measures the percentage of kidney volume that is tumor.  

“My goal was to assess the ability of these scoring systems to predict kidney functioning after surgery was done to remove the affected part of the kidney,” Ruchir said. “We had lots of patient data already, and I helped collect additional data by reading MRI scans and scoring tumors based on each scoring systems’ criteria. In conclusion, all four systems were predictive of short-term kidney functioning, and only R.E.N.A.L and P.A.V.P were predictive of long-term kidney functioning.”  

When the research team decided to submit their findings to the journal, they selected Ruchir to serve as first author for the article. In scientific journals, the first author is a researcher who played a lead role in the project and provided significant contributions to analysis and presentation of the data and conclusions.  

The article went through a few journal-requested revisions and was published online in August.  

“I was ecstatic when I heard the article would be published,” Ruchir said. “We spent countless hours on this project with the goal that the findings would in some way inform doctors and other researchers. This impact can only be realized through sharing of the research work throughout the scientific community.”  

Ruchir plans to attend medical school upon graduation and pursue a career as a doctor.  

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