W&J junior’s play selected for reading at national theater conference

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A play by Abigail Adams, left, was selected for a reading by professional actors at the Mid-American Theatre Conference. Rachel Doty, right, also attended.

WASHINGTON, PA (March 25, 2019)—In early March, Washington & Jefferson College communication arts and English major Abigail Adams ’20 saw her play Don’t Worry, You’re Happy selected for a reading by professional actors at the Mid-American Theatre Conference held in Cleveland, Ohio.

“It was really surreal, because I knew all the lines, and I knew I had written it, but it sounded so fresh and interesting coming from professionals like that. They really brought the characters to life for me, even though they had limited rehearsal time,” Abigail said. “The talkback afterwards was very enlightening, as well. It was encouraging that theatre professionals saw my writing as being on a professional level.”

The play is a work of science fiction, set in a world where scientists have discovered a way to monitor and measure happiness, and citizens are required by the government to own Happy Radar. A happiness technician visits the main character of the play when she believes her radar device has malfunctioned, declaring a groggy, unpleasant day as her happiest.

“It’s a reflection on happiness—and what we consider happiness—with just a dash of dystopia to keep it interesting,” Abigail said.

Abigail currently does not have plans to produce the work, but welcomes the possibility in the future.

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