Jonathan Flickinger '05 smiles in a suit.

W&J students honored with Jonathan Flickinger ’05 Giving Heart Recognition

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WASHINGTON, PA (May 18, 2022)—Three Washington & Jefferson College students have been recognized with traits of a giving heart.

The Jonathan Flickinger ’05 Giving Heart Recognition was created in 2018 by the Flickinger family with help of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity as a loving memorial to Jonathan, who passed away unexpectedly in 2017. After graduation from W&J, Jonathan obtained his law degree from Duquesne University. He also was the recipient of the W&J Outstanding Young Alumni Award. Jonathan is equally remembered for the thoughtful and kind acts he did throughout his life, and those who knew him best have said his example drove them to be a better person.

The recognition acknowledges students whose lives emulate Jonathan’s by caring for others, in ways large and small, and whose spirits demonstrate kindness and love, courage and compassion, humor and inspiration, and joy and faith. This year, all faculty, students, and staff were encouraged to nominate deserving students.

The 2021-2022 recipients are seniors Kimber Randolph, Preston Evans, and Maya Krishnasamy. Randolph’s name will be listed on a permanent plaque on the W&J campus. She will receive a $1000 donation to the charity of her choice and a $100 cash gift. Evans and Krishnasamy will each receive a $500 donation to the charities of their choice and a $50 cash gift. Details about their nominations are below.

Donations to the Jonathan Flickinger ’05 Giving Heart Recognition can be accepted at the Washington County Community Foundation.

Kimber Randolph ‘22

Major: Psychology and Spanish

Co-curricular Involvement: Member of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, Skiers for Good, Student Christian Association, and the W&J Swimming & Diving and Water Polo teams.

Quote from Nominator: “I am a two-sport athlete, majoring in two things, and have three jobs on campus, but still find time to be there for anyone. It doesn’t matter if the person is a close friend, professor, or complete stranger I always strive to brighten their day, even when I am not feeling at my best. Almost every day for the past two years, I have struggled with physical pain from a chronic illness that has no treatment, but I never show it and no one ever suspects anything, so that way I can always be that friend that everyone can count on.”

Preston Evans ‘22

Major: Computing and Information Studies (CIS)

Co-curricular Involvement: Residential Assistant, CIS PAL Tutor, and member of Technology Towards Tomorrow.

Quote from Nominator: “Preston is one of the most caring students I have known in my time at W&J. He is generous in offering his time and support to not just his friends, but all of his classmates. As his PAL tutor supervisor, I see how he makes sure to be attentive to students’ anxiety about their work, not just the technical problems they are facing. I have particularly admired the way he has connected with a couple of our students who were socially isolated or struggling with finding community at W&J…[and] have to note that Preston shows this type of caring for everyone in his community. Preston would be well justified in focusing on getting himself through College and leaning on his friends, and he does lean on his friends and the W&J community. But he makes sure that they can lean on him also.”

Maya Krishnasamy ‘22

Major: Biochemistry

Co-curricular Involvement: Captain of the Women’s Tennis Team, Volunteer at Washington Hospital, Vice President of the Order of Omega, and member of the Delta Gamma Sorority, Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honors Society, Pi Gamma Mu Honors Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, National Society of Leadership and Success, the Indian Student Association, and Biology Club.

Quote from Nominator: “For as long as I have known Maya, she has always shown how much she loves the world and the people in it. She has spent time tutoring young children, doing hundreds of hours of community outreach in elderly homes and homeless shelters, and even spent time in a foreign, impoverished country helping the people who do not have access to basic healthcare and every day household items. Maya is a beautiful person that has endured so much; her father passed away when she was three years old, and she has overcome a great deal. Her father was a doctor when he passed and she hopes to continue his legacy and pursue a career in medicine to help all of those people he was not able to.”

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