W&J Students Participate in World-Class Fullbridge Entrepreneurship Program

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WASHINGTON, PA (Jan. 15, 2015) – Nicole Wagner ’16 knows that to make her dream of owning a business come true, she’s going to need great training. A new opportunity on the Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) campus this Intersession will help her on her way.

The Fullbridge Program, a global leader in career acceleration that helps thousands of graduates bridge the gap between college and career, partnered with W&J to offer its world-class Entrepreneurship Program during the College’s January 2015 Intersession term.

“I thought I would need more knowledge coming into the program, but they really teach you everything they can about businesses from the ground up,” said Wagner, a business major.

Classmate Sarah Youngblood '16, a financial economics major, agreed. “This is a great opportunity. We have a lot of tools and opportunities [at W&J] that allow you to succeed in your own unique way,” she said.

The three-week Fullbridge Program in Entrepreneurship is focused on the fundamentals of success as a career entrepreneur. Course topics include business research and analysis, business communication, financial analysis and valuation, project and time management, sales and marketing, networking and community building, as well as training in various computer programs. The course is being offered for credit to students in the College’s Economics and Business Department.

“Fullbridge is excited to partner with Washington & Jefferson College to offer our Entrepreneurship Program at the College in January 2015,” said Candice Carpenter Olson, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Fullbridge. “The Fullbridge Entrepreneurship Program is designed to give these students the skills, experience, and network they need to succeed. Our goal is to help young adults find their dream career path right after college.”

The course is taught by instructors from the Fullbridge Program who lead discussions and workshops, and advise the dos and don’ts of finance, marketing, strategy, innovation, and other career aspects.

The program also works with expert entrepreneurs, top corporations, and law firms to help students develop valuable skills used to succeed in innovation and business.

Steven Malinak, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs at W&J, said he is thrilled that the College could partner with the program, and that the Intersession term is the perfect platform for it on campus.

“The concept behind Intersession has always been to do something novel,” he said. “We have opportunities for students to go abroad, do internships, or participate in unique classes.  The Intersession model allows us to be creative about the way we teach, so the Fullbridge Program really fit perfectly into this model. We’re open to looking for similar opportunities in the future.”

About Fullbridge

The Fullbridge Program is a leading early career accelerator worldwide. Working with schools, corporations, government, and international ministries, Fullbridge transforms new hires, emerging leaders and college students into 21st century professionals. Using a blended approach of online courses and live coaching, Fullbridge provides students with the real-world experience they need to accelerate their professional development. Over 90% of Fullbridge graduates are employed in satisfying career roles.


About Washington & Jefferson College

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