W&J Welcomes Class of 2020 at Matriculation Ceremony

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WASHINGTON, PA (Sept. 2, 2016) – Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) welcomed 461 new students in a Matriculation ceremony Aug. 31. Matriculation is a mirror to the graduation ceremony. It welcomes the incoming class, transfer students, and international students to the College. Students sign W&J’s mission statement, learn the school’s cheer and alma mater, and walk across the College seal in Old Main.

“These students have reached a monumental part of their life: the beginning of their college career,” Vice President for Enrollment Robert Gould told the incoming class. “This is a great celebration for us all.”

W&J President Tori Haring-Smith spoke to the Class of 2020 about their own accomplishments, noting that among the incoming students are:

  • 10 valedictorians and two salutatorians;
  • 23 who have at least one parent who attended W&J;
  • From 26 states and 29 countries, including students who have dual citizenship with Cyprus, Saudi-Arabia, Poland, Egypt, Ireland, Iran and Belgium;
  • Musicians – two of whom performed at Carnegie Hall – artists, and dancers
  • A Golden Gloves boxer, Taekwondo champion, three black belts, and numerous varsity athletes
  • Emergency medical technicians, volunteers at orphanages, churches, and zoos, and interns at Cleveland Clinic, UPMC, and the United States Naval Academy.

“You are truly a diverse and multitalented group and we are delighted to welcome you to W&J,” Haring-Smith said. “We brought you here because each of you has a unique voice to add to the chorus of voices that creates our community. College is a conversation. We want to hear what each of you has to say and we also want you to listen to the other voices around you. At W&J we believe in listening to all point of view, weighing them and considering them, and so seeking the truth.”

Haring-Smith said society is counting on the new class to be part of the generation that finds cures for troubling diseases, crafts trade and political agreements that will make the world more peaceful, and finds ways to preserve the health and the resources of the planet.

“As I look out at you new W&J students, I know you’re going to make us proud; that you will graduate from W&J as responsible citizens and well educated persons and the leaders of tomorrow, because we are counting on you,” Haring-Smith said. “By matriculating as Presidents of Washington & Jefferson College, you indicate your willingness to commit to this important work. Welcome to W&J and to this great adventure.”


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