W&J’s Commitment to Cleanliness

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We commit to provide the cleanest campus environment possible. We will uphold this commitment by doing our part and making the role of community members clear and achievable so they can do their part.

Our Part

We will implement enhanced cleaning procedures that are aligned with CDC guidance and best-practice approaches, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting the campus while providing special emphasis to high traffic areas, such as restrooms and common spaces;
  • Deploying enhanced cleaning and disinfecting methods, materials and equipment;
  • Installing sanitizing stations at the entrances of all buildings on campus;
  • Providing sanitizing supplies in all classrooms, the Clark Family Library, the Eaton Fitness Center, dining venues and other high-traffic common spaces;
  • Improving air quality and ventilation in all buildings across campus;
  • Encouraging and providing for proper personal hygiene practices, physical distancing, and personal protective equipment.

Your Part

To uphold our pledge, we need your help. The community at large will play a critical role in keeping campus clean and safe. We believe that we can protect each other if we all adopt a “clean as you go” philosophy. Cleaning as you go encompasses the following:

  • Cleaning surfaces before and after use;
  • Keeping work areas and public spaces organized and clutter free;
  • Promptly placing equipment in proper spaces;
  • Promptly placing trash and recycling in appropriate receptacles.

As a community, each of us has the responsibility to protect not only ourselves, but one another. These responsibilities include the following behaviors that will enhance safety for all:

  • Wearing face masks when indoors or in close proximity of others outside;
  • Promoting physical distancing;
  • Practicing proper hygiene, including frequent hand washing;
  • Covering coughs and sneezes with the bend in your arm;
  • Staying home when sick;
  • Reporting issues that need cleaning attention;
  • Disinfecting high touch surfaces in your personal areas frequently.

All W&J community members will sign the Pledge to Promote Safety and be committed to follow these behavioral guidelines on a daily basis. Through these coordinated efforts, we can help to keep our community members safe and give renewed meaning to “Together We Thrive.”