YES Prep Student Spotlight: Meet Alberto Cortez

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WASHINGTON, PA (May 14, 2019)—At Washington & Jefferson College (W&J), we pride ourselves on our partnerships with other institutions that provide pathways to higher education. Through our partner program with YES Prep Schools in Houston, Texas, we are able to connect with an outstanding group of scholars and provide educational and extracurricular opportunities for these students.

As graduation nears, we are preparing to say goodbye to seniors in the program. While we’re sad to see them go, we’re so proud of the work they have done. We asked international business and Spanish major Alberto Cortez ’19 some questions about his experience at W&J. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What were your feelings coming to W&J from a YES Prep School?

A: Coming to W&J from YES Prep was a nerve-wrecking yet exciting experience. Having a sibling that attended W&J before I knew I was going provided insight into the experience, and I knew I was going to be in a safe environment where I would grow throughout my 4 years when I chose W&J.

Q: What aspect of the YES Prep program at W&J had the greatest impact on you and why?  

A: The event that had the greatest impact on me as a W&J student was the overnights way before I set foot at W&J as a student. While I had attended overnights in other campuses, I found the students at W&J were genuine and ambitious. During my stay, I learned from the school and it was clear, from people I trusted, that the positives completely outweighed the minor negatives.

Q: How do you feel it enhanced your experience at W&J? 

A: Diversity and Leadership provided me a piece of home. Coming to a part of the country where the Hispanic population isn’t large, I enjoyed being able to step back and appreciate things I grew up with, like food and music.

Alberto plans to join the work force back in Houston before attending grad school.

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