Presidential Premiere II

Register Now! High school juniors and seniors, and transfer students, are invited to campus during the summer for an introduction to W&J and all that it has to offer both inside and outside of the classroom. Presidential Premiere II Event Agenda

Discovery Day at W&J

Discovery Day @ W&J will give students insight into student life opportunities, and will include a panel discussion on the distinct experiential learning opportunities available to W&J students, lunch with faculty and staff, and campus tours.

FAFSA Info Night

Burnett 292 E Wheeling Street, Washington

W&J will host a free event where parents and students will learn what they need to do to apply for all types of financial aid.

The W&J Overnight Experience

Campus-wide 60 S Lincoln St, Washington

High school seniors have the opportunity to experience life as a W&J President and meet other members in the entering fall class.

Leadership Application Workshop

Tech Center 288 E Beau Street, Washington

W&J invites high school students to an exciting event just before the holidays!

Discovery Day at W&J

Campus-wide 60 S Lincoln St, Washington

Discover a campus full of students, faculty and staff that want to get to know you during Discovery Day at W&J!

Symposium on Democracy Visit Day at W&J

60 S Lincoln St, Washington

The W&J Presidents invite you to join us for one of our biggest events of the year! Experience our Symposium on Democracy, featuring award-winning keynote speakers and intriguing discussion topics.

CANCELED: The W&J Experience Overnight

60 S Lincoln St, Washington

At W&J's Overnight Experience, you will have the opportunity to experience what life is like as a President, all while making new friendships that can last a lifetime.