Patricia Brletic portrait
Phone: 724-503-1001 x6130
Office: SWA 200B

Patricia Brletic, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

Degrees: Ph.D. University of South Carolina; M.S. Carnegie Mellon University; B.A. Washington & Jefferson College

Patricia Brletic is a professor in the Department of Chemistry. Her teaching interests span physical, polymer, industrial, and analytical chemistry. In addition, she has developed several laboratory-based courses for non-majors that apply chemical principles to a topic related to everyday life. These include the chemistry of beer and brewing and the biochemistry of nutrition and health. She also offers a non-major lab-based course with an environmental focus. Dr. Brletic’s research interests include vibrational spectroscopy of molecules of interest, bomb calorimetry studies, polymer investigations, and enzyme kinetics. In addition, Dr. Brletic serves as the advisor to Gamma Sigma Epsilon, the chemistry honor society.