Prepare for work in fields related to history, or to go on to graduate and doctoral work in historical study, law, or related fields. Pursue opportunities for independent study and internships, and take advantage of focuses on American, European, and East Asian history.

Prepare to become one of our nation’s finest teachers with this cutting edge, hands-on education program at W&J College. Enjoy an excellent job placement rate well above the average for colleges and universities in Pennsylvania after you achieve your teacher certification.

Gain a solid grounding in coding and production and formal modeling and analysis with this program. Learn problem solving and effective communication skills while addressing issues in computational thinking, visual culture, interaction design, data science, systems development, and security.

Develop habits of perception and expression that prepare you for success. Gain historical insight, theoretical literacy, and practical opportunities in the Communication Arts with this program at W&J College.

Learn the central science that connects biology, physics, medicine, environmental sciences, neuroscience, and engineering. Conduct one-on-one research with faculty members, and present your work at regional and national conferences as part of W&J’s American Chemical Society certified program.

Explore the function of living things through modern instrumentation and methodologies in the laboratory and in the field. Master biological concepts and develop scientific competencies necessary to be critical thinkers, successful professionals, and responsible citizens in the Biology program.

Learn historical and contemporary art movements, and familiarize yourself with art, artists, and aesthetics and an understanding of the artistic process. Through the Art History program, you’ll analyze visual art and artists in relation to the issues of their time and how it relates to our world today.

Study “the language of business” at W&J College, and prepare for a variety of positions in the public and private sectors. The Accounting program will help you develop technical competency in accounting, while stressing critical thinking, analysis, and communication skills.