Program Type: Minor

Hone your creative thinking skills and work on your visual expression through a series of studio courses starting with foundations of drawing and design. Work toward exhibiting in the senior art show at the Olin Fine Art Gallery to complete the program.

Learn to communicate and interact in Spanish-speaking cultures and communities around the world with the skills and knowledge imparts by this program. Customize your studies of language, grammar, literature, and film to suit your cultural and career interests.

Prepare to investigate and navigate the social world with studies in sociology at W&J College. Tackle academic experiences within and outside the classroom while preparing for graduate studies or careers in a variety of fields.

Discover the role of religion in human life and society, and the wide range of disciplinary perspectives, including history, psychology, philosophy, and gender studies in this minor. Hone your critical thinking and communication skills while learning about diverse religious traditions and a context for self-reflection.

Learn analytical skills and substantive knowledge for understanding and analyzing complex policy issues in today’s world. Acquire a broad knowledge base on the economy, government, and public policy, and emphasize a particular policy area with a required internship.

Employ scientific methods in laboratory and field settings to learn about behavior and the variables that affect it. Prepare for graduate programs, medical and professional schools, and careers in psychology with a variety of experiences designed to apply psychological content and skills to your career goals.

Develop the skills you need to write accurate, clear, non-academic prose for a variety of audiences and situations. Learn how to research and analyze a wide range of topics, manage social media for professional purposes, and write and design compelling documents in a variety of media.

Learn the principles and techniques scientists use to describe our physical universe using hands-on laboratory work. Develop skills like data acquisition and analysis, computation, fabrication, and scientific communication that will serve you in research or in industry.

Explore the fundamental questions of existence, knowledge, meaning, and value through W&J’s philosophy program. Enrich your mind with challenging questions, careful analysis, rigorous argumentation, and creative problem solving while mastering a core of discipline-based knowledge.

Focus your research interests in a variety of levels of nervous system functioning, from the activity of a single neuron to the complexity of behavioral systems. Complete coursework in biology, chemistry, philosophy, physics, and psychology in this Major and Minor.