What does it mean to quarantine?

August 18, 2020 | Tagged: , | Category: Coronavirus

When you are asked to quarantine, it means that you remain in a separate room from others for the period of time of 10 days. When you are quarantined, you may not leave your room except for the following activities: using the bathroom, taking a shower and accepting your meals at your designated location in your residence hall. You also cannot have visitors to your room even if they reside in the same residence hall as you.

We ask that if you have any appointments such as a doctor’s appointment that you schedule those after the 10-day quarantine period or prior to arriving on campus. If you have an employment or an internship, we ask that you request to work virtually during that period of time. You are not permitted leave your room for any reason except what is stated above, you will be required to quarantine again.

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